Instagram Reels: Boon or Bane

With a sudden ban on the immensely popular TikTok in June 2020, Instagram cashed in on the opportunity by introducing an arguably better substitute ’Reels’ in August the same year. A brand new tool in the armory of social media agencies for Instagram marketing, the premise is the same as its predecessor. Users can create and share unique bite-sized video content with the help of it’s editing functions. The question here lies- Is Instagram’s Reels truly as efficient in giving users the experience they are looking for? Let’s find out.

We’ll start with the unfavorable aspects of Reels so that we can give it a chance to redeem itself later.

Time Limit

Right off the bat, what users may find extremely frustrating is that they only have a mere 15 seconds to showcase their talents and express their creativity. A huge drop compared to TikTok’s 1 minute time limit. However, we can count on Instagram extending it after further testing.


Reels is just another feature on Instagram that users may or may not choose to engage with. Features like ‘IGTV’ and ‘Stories’ already exist for more comprehensive video content. This is likely to reduce the probability of reels showing up in your explore page.

Another thing that works unfavorably for Reels is that it has fewer editing options compared to TikTok. But enough with the bad mouthing, let’s consider the strong points.


It’s fairly simple to use if you’re already an Instagram user. From the platform’s frame of reference, Reels feature works as an Instagram story in the form of grid-feed display. The creation of a Reel is much like the creation of an Instagram story. Once you’ve filmed and edited your masterpiece, you can share it to your Story or your Feed, right next to where IGTV videos are stored. This is an appealing option for brands who are already on Instagram but want to get creative with video.


Even a new Instagram user can grasp all the functions real quick. The effects gallery, music library, and trimming features are all easy to navigate. Even though Reels may have lesser editing features than TikTok, the features that do exist can still effectively produce attractive results.


Over and above all, Instagram is a reliable platform compared to it’s infamous counterpart. The platform already has passionate communities, and individuals operating within it who can depend upon Reels to be a resourceful ally for their social media objectives. Organic growth may be hard to achieve but once realized, it’s easier to maintain.

Instagram Reels is yet another tool in the ever-changing field of social media marketing. Will it be a bane or a boon? That’s up to how individual creators and social media agencies use it, and contextualize it so that it works in their favor.



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