January Opens A Treasury Of New Updates!

Beginning the year with fresh updates in the digital universe is the best thing a social media fanatic can ask for. And guess what? It seems like social media has taken its resolution ‘New year, new me’ way too seriously (unlike most of us).

So, let’s hold on to our excitement and take a quick look at what the digital world has to offer. Let’s dive in!


Sshhh! It’s Time To Take A Break

Instagram’s recent update, ‘Quiet Mode,’ aims to motivate users to set time limits for using the app and to take breaks. This update is particularly directed at teenagers who regularly use Instagram late at night. Once activated, users won’t receive any notifications; their profile’s activity status will change to “In quiet mode,” and the platform will instantly reply to DMs sent to them. When the feature is turned off, users will receive a list of missed notifications. Isn’t it ‘quiet‘ amazing?

Oh Snap! They Never Fail To Surprise Us

Four new features have been added to Snapchat+, a paid subscription service, to improve the user experience.

● Priority Story Replies: Snap Stars will be able to see your replies more frequently.
● Post View Emoji: Choose an emoji that you want your friends to see after they view one of your snaps.
● New Bitmoji Backgrounds: You can now add special backgrounds to give your bitmoji a unique touch.
● New App Icons: Update the Snapchat app icon on the home screen with a new design.

The Curious Case of LinkedIn (Button)

Recently, many LinkedIn users noticed that the ‘curious’ emoji reaction has vanished from the platform, and there are now only six available reactions instead. Although LinkedIn has not made any official statements regarding this sudden change, users believe that it is due to a lack of usability. We’re also quite curious to know about this.

LinkedIn’s Next Big Move!

A “scheduling” icon will now be visible to the left of the ‘Post’ button when users create their new post. Simply click the icon to select the date and time you want the content to be shared, then schedule the post. Users have complete control over their content and can edit it as they go.

According to LinkedIn’s latest announcement, the creator analytics dashboard now includes audience insights and top-performing content. Users can now analyze demographic breakdowns to better understand their audience and track the growth of their follower base over time.

… and that’s a wrap for the month. No doubt 2022 was a year full of excitement, but 2023 has continued to spin the wheel with full force! With all these new updates in the first month of the year, we can’t stop wondering what other surprises it has in store for us.

Author bio: Riston Rodrigues is an Associate Copywriter at Chimp&z Inc. Apart from writing blogs, he likes to write fictional stories, create short films, and play board games.