July’s Emerging Social Media Acceleration!

With fresh updates, the social media industry never lets its users down and continuously works to get a little better every time. As July draws to a close, it has delighted social media fans with a number of fresh and fascinating updates!

Let’s explore the wide social media sea and discover what new developments it has brought to the digital world.


Mark said it, Mark made it!

Previously, after updating the six emoji reaction features in WhatsApp, the Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, had announced plans to add more emoji reaction options in the new update. Guess what? Users can now respond with any emoji they want, rather than just the six standard emojis. All you have to do is long press the message you want to react to, tap the + icon, and you’re free to use any emoji you want. What’s next? Should we expect some WhatsApp avatar features?

Now purchase with just a DM!

Within the chat box with the online store owners, Instagram users can make a purchase and track their transaction. With this approach, Instagram gives people a fresh method of shopping. These businesses are able to confirm purchases, make payment requests, and collect payments. With MetaPay, the transaction process is secure. In short, users can communicate directly with the relevant businesses to make purchases, track orders, and ask questions.

YouTube x Shopify – YouTube, you buy!

YouTube, the popular video sharing platform, has partnered with Shopify to improve user shopping experiences. The idea behind the collaboration and the recently introduced features was to make YouTube’s buying experience more focused on the creator and viewer experience while also establishing a channel powered by Shopify’s community connections. Additionally, YouTube is making it simpler for creators to establish their own businesses, create their own products, link to and manage their YouTube stores, and showcase their products to their audience.

Unmention yourself from unwanted tweets!

Recently, Twitter announced that users would be able to unmention their username from a conversation or tweet thread. If a user doesn’t feel like participating in the discussion, they can use this new tool to remove their profile mentions or links. The user who opted to untag themselves will no longer actively participate in the conversation but will still be visible in text form in the original tweets they were a part of. This latest update from Twitter guarantees security and a better user experience for the app’s active users.

LinkedIn rides the carousel bandwagon!

LinkedIn users have been creating improvised carousel postings for a while now, using the PDF attachment feature to build separate frames. With the launch of a new “Carousel” post option, LinkedIn has now released a full-fledged functionality. Users can now choose from a variety of still photographs and/or video clips to include in their posts as they are directed through the carousel creation process.

With all these new features, it’s a feast for shopaholics, a safe place for Twitter lovers, and a fun, interactive place for WhatsApp users. What more updates can make users’ lives better? Let’s keep the thrill aside for the coming month and enjoy the current upgrades!