Know How 2022 Will Be Stirring Up The World Of Marketing

Dynamic is the first word that comes to mind when we talk about advertising and marketing. Trends change in a jiffy, and trends drive the industry. We understand that as advertising professionals, we’re up to our eyes in work and have a jam packed schedule. 

What we also understand, though, is the importance of being savvy with the latest industry news and trends to gain leverage in the market. The result? We decided to compile the hottest advertising news into concise points for your perusal. Give it a read and let us know your thoughts! 


Digital or traditional – Which is mainstream now? 

$177 billion. That’s right. That’s the global ad spend on digital ads in 2021, which has finally overshot television at $174 billion. Digital ads were supposed to be a niche! Which one are we supposed to refer to as mainstream now? You tell us. 

Source: Business Insider 

Wanna go viral in 2022? Here’s the influenza trends! 

People don’t want to read. They want to watch. Even more so when their screens show their favorite celebrities and influencers! The jackpot, in 2022, will be creative influencer marketing which involves influencer outreach as well as the ability to conceptualize campaigns that suit the influencer, and vice versa. 

Source:  Business Insider 

The world of advertising? More like the universe

Advertising is back with a Big Bang (excuse the pun). 2020 saw a trough in the ad spend, but 2021 has observed a 9.1% growth, and the sky’s the limit for the graph which only seems to be going upwards. Good news for our industry. 

Source: Brand Equity 

Meta buys a lot of things, but not political propaganda! 

If you want to make a social statement on Facebook, you’re gonna need authorization now. Meta has now started gatekeeping social service ads to help the audience steer clear of political propaganda. A good move? 

Source: Campaign India 

Marketing mania has taken over minds

Marketing budgets are set to get a large hike! Such is the importance of this industry to the economy. 66% of marketers expect their budgets to increase in the new year. 

Source: Social Samosa

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