Marketing Automation Trends to Streamline Business

Marketiing Automation For Business

Every December, I receive an email from a nationalised Indian bank, wishing me on my birthday. This email is very simple and sweet. However, it will read like no one has put much effort into writing it because no human actually wrote it, yet it is still endearing. It gives you a feeling that the bank cares about you. And this email relationship has made me stick to this bank. That’s the power of Marketing Automation.

According to Instapage, businesses have witnessed a 90% jump in customer retention after adopting marketing automation. This also helps a business connect with its customers in a way that was not possible earlier. It saves time and gives you customer data and insights which are as precious as gold in current times.

So, what is Marketing Automation? How can your business make the most out of it?

Marketing Automation is a process where you achieve three main goals of marketing, i.e. lead generation, customer retention and lead nurturing, that too in less time. It also minimizes human errors and maximizes the reach of your marketing campaigns. Basically, it gives the marketers ample amount of time to devise a foolproof marketing plan that takes care of the desired business objectives.

Now, let’s have a look at the latest Marketing Automation trends that you should consider for your business in 2020;

1. Automated Emails:

With over 3200% ROI, email marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools any business can have. However, it can go beyond that with a little help from automated emails.

A quick reply after someone fills up a query form, a gentle reminder after someone leaves a loaded e-cart unprocessed or a personalized greeting on a specific day, automated emails can do all these tasks and a lot more. These emails can build and strengthen your relationship with your customers by keeping them informed and engaged.

With around 3.9 billion active email users across the world, if you know how to put automated emails to work, your business will shine as bright as the Sun. Some of the shining brands on the internet are Buzzfeed, Uber, Amazon, Dollar Shave Club, etc.

2. Voice Assistants:

The next decade of the internet is going to be dominated by voice searches and assistants. Google Now, Alexa and Siri have already showcased the power of voice in current times. These assistants are making their users’ lives easier by helping them out on daily tasks – from alarms to shopping.

Now, imagine every business has its own voice assistants to help users on their journey – from searching for a specific product to applying filters to that search; from listening to reviews to confirming an order.

O&C Strategy Consultants reports that usage of smart speaker devices in homes will grow to 55% by 2022 from 42% in 2019. So, to stay ahead of your competitors, give your business its own voice assistant which can interact with all those smart speakers at home.

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3. Chatbots:


AI-powered chatbots are doing wonders in business operations. A survey by MIT Technology Review states that 90% of businesses have seen faster complaint resolution with AI chatbots. It also can save up to 30% of $1.3 trillion global spent on servicing customer requests.

Chatbots can provide service to customers at any time of the day and solve simple queries in seconds. Chatbots come as a boon for those industries where customer queries are endless such as real estate, travel, finance, education and healthcare. It is also apt for the generation which prefers chatting over talking.

Businesses are also tapping WhatsApp to keep their users posted about the latest happenings. The Quinit broadcasts its news through WhatsApp; MakeMyTrip and BookMyShow uses it to keep users informed about their bookings. Overall, chatbots help brands to elevate their customer journey greatly.

4. AI Suggestions:

One of the most important parts of customer retention or acquisition is understanding the customer, in and out. If you’re able to analyse a customer’s likes and dislikes, you could easily sort out services or products according to that customer’s interest. This not only increases customer satisfaction but also brand loyalty.

Some of the businesses that have mastered the art of AI suggestions are – Spotify, Netflix, Amazon, Facebook (obviously, they know everything about you), Google and YouTube.

If you want your business to be customer-centric, simply go with the Marketing Automation trends that help you generate leads, monitor consumer behaviour and deploy deep consumer insights for the benefit of consumers. Wondering how to get all these things done? Connect with Chimp&z Inc, and we assure you that our replies won’t be automated, but humanotomated.