Native vs. Cross-Platform App Development: Choosing the Right Approach

Gone are the times when enterprises relied solely on product development and marketing through traditional channels to grow their business. The digital age has pushed businesses to align with the latest trends. Some of these trends include cloud computing, AI, AR/VR, the Internet of Things (IoT), and automation amongst several others. A prominent trend that many businesses are choosing to jump onto is the development of their mobile applications. Enterprise mobile apps help companies enter new markets to gain opportunities, improve corporate efficiency, and also stay ahead of the competition. Companies now understand that, compared to other channels, mobile touchpoints are becoming more successful at connecting with and interacting with consumers. For companies that are considering developing their own mobile application, it’s important to choose the right approach, between native or cross-platform development. Let’s dive into understanding the difference between the two and what both approaches entail : 

Native app development targets a specific operating system while cross-app development targets multiple operating systems. For any business looking to hire app developers in India, choosing between these two ways of developing mobile apps is an important decision. This single decision can affect the way the app is designed, the technology that has been used to create and in the end, the users who will have access to it. 

What is a Native Mobile Application?

Native Mobile Applications are those applications developed by mobile app developers in Mumbai, that either target Android or IOS operating systems. These applications are designed and coded based on the specific programming language, depending on the operating system being developed.  In terms of benefits, Native apps usually come with minimal bugs and a full feature set access. Additionally, they also give better performance and have tighter security. 

Some examples of native mobile applications are : 

  • Google Maps
  • Pinterest
  • Spotify
  • Whatsapp

What is a cross-platform mobile application?

Cross-mobile applications are those that can be created from a single codebase. This gives app developers in India the ability to target different operating systems with just one project. These apps can be created by using cross-platform networks that use Android SDKs or iOS SDKs from a unified API. These types of applications have a more native feel to them as they use native UI elements. The benefits of cross-platform mobile applications are that they are usually more economical and easier to maintain. Moreover, they also allow mobile app developers in Mumbai to use a single base within the framework. 

Some examples of cross-platform applications are : 

  • Instagram
  • Google Ads
  • Skype
  • Walmart

For a company to choose the best mobile app development company in Mumbai, it must carefully consider its target, its objectives, its goals, and its budget. To create a successful app, app developers in India must determine which operating systems they want the app to be compatible with. A firm must consider the advantages and disadvantages of each one before coming to a decision.