New updates in the social media Jun-iverse

We’re halfway through the year, but social media never fails to make our personal and professional lives level-up with its new updates. The month of June has been a joyous ride for all the social media fanatics!

Fasten your seatbelts as we take you on an amazing journey as June continues to drop waves of new thunderstorms on the market.


Pin up your grid, pin up your game!

After the comment pinning update, Instagram has introduced a new update where users can pin up to three posts on their profile feed to stay at the top of their grid. These pinned posts can be either photos or reels. This update has been a huge helping hand for many business profiles, as now they can highlight the posts that they want their profile visitors to see on priority. With this new update, you can promote an event, increase engagement on your pinned posts, and even increase your brand awareness.

WhatsApp privacy update!

According to Mark Zuckerberg, WhatsApp and privacy go hand-in-hand (we’re not responsible for his words). You may now hide your profile images, last seen, about, and status from selected people in your contact list thanks to a recent WhatsApp update. This means you don’t have to be concerned if you lied to your boss about taking a sick leave and went on a vacation with your friends. You can freely upload your photos to the profile and hide them from your boss. The days are near when WhatsApp turns into Snapchat! (if you know, you know).

LinkedIn audio events!

LinkedIn users can expand their audience through audio events thanks to the addition of new options to its creator mode. LinkedIn has recently created audio-only live events in response to the success of apps like Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces. By switching on Creator Mode, every user is now able to host their own audio events. Will the users profit from this new feature? Most definitely. Will people utilize these features to their full potential? As time goes on, we will learn more about that.

WhatsApp calls just got bigger and better!

Have you ever imagined how much mayhem it would create if there were more than 10 people on a WhatsApp call? Wonder no more! WhatsApp has recently introduced a new group call feature where a total of 32 participants can be on the same call. Will it be chaotic? The answer is no! With this new update, WhatsApp has even introduced an option where one participant can mute another participant. Now the participants can even message each other in between calls. Will WhatsApp turn into another office morning call app? 

These new updates are surely going to be a life-changing experience for many personal and professional profiles on social media. There are going to be many new faces shining on social media platforms with the best use of their new feature. Let’s wait and see what new updates will be lined up for the coming month in the social media world.