November’s New Digital Space Update

Just like every other month, social media has yet again surprised its users with some fresh updates in November. No doubt, these updates have already started to impact our personal and professional lives, and every social media fanatic is loving these new changes.

Without wasting much time, let’s dive deep into the social media ocean and find out what new updates have taken over the digital market.


This One Goes Out To The Community!

WhatsApp has officially introduced its new feature “Communities” on a global scale. This new feature enables users to club up to 50 WhatsApp groups together, forming a community. Additionally, admins can communicate important updates to everyone in the community at once. In-chat polls, 32-person video conferences, and groups with up to 1024 participants are the three other new features that WhatsApp has introduced.

Snapchat x Amazon Fashion – AR-guably The Best Collab Ever!

The new Snapchat try-on lenses feature the popular Virtual Try-On Eyewear items from Amazon Fashion, enabling Amazon brands to make use of their AR assets and engage millions of Snapchat users in an interactive experience. Customers will be able to browse, shop, virtually try on, and purchase thousands of eyewear products directly on Snapchat before doing so at the Amazon Fashion store. The Amazon and Snap partnership’s first VTO shopping lens category is eyewear, and the companies intend to add more in the future. This collaboration is one of the most exciting things to look out for, pardon the pun!

Social Media: A Safe Place For Businesses!

A new Intellectual Property (IP) reporting Application Programming Interface (API) has been launched by Meta as part of ongoing investment and research in Brand Rights Protection. This will allow IP rights holders to report potential breaches on their rights to intellectual property. Businesses will heavily benefit from having their Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) on Facebook and Instagram protected. Brand Rights Protection enables companies to detect and report content for impersonation, trademark infringement, counterfeit goods, and copyright violations. In a nutshell, social media is now one step closer to becoming a secure space for all businesses.

“Dream Come True” – Social Media Managers

Carousels, images, and Reels can all be scheduled using the new tools added to the Instagram app, which also includes some new updates that highlight the platform’s creators. Now, users will find it simpler to schedule their posts in advance for up to 75 days directly from the platform, thanks to this latest update (social media managers are feeling blessed). In addition to this feature, the platform has also released a few achievements that are focused on creators. With this update, creators will learn new methods to utilize various tools and enhance their reel content.

As the proverb says, “change is the only constant,” and we believe that these types of changes in the digital world are a must because we love it too. However, with all these new updates, every social media user is definitely thrilled, just like us. Let’s wait and see what Christmas surprises social media has in store for us!