PR Hacks To Boost Your PR Campaign Successfully

PR Hacks To Boost Your PR Campaign Successfully

From unforgettable and heart-touching moments of ‘The Hutch Dog’ to positive steps forward in the face of a sensitive social atmosphere by Gillette to ‘repair’ their image as a brand softly promoting toxic masculinity. PR campaigns go a long way in creating an impression, raising awareness,  reaching a larger audience, or improving the brand’s reputation. It uses strategic messaging to communicate with one’s audience and successfully achieve this objective.

Try this out for size, you found out about this amazing pizza place that has opened up in your neighborhood and you’re recommending it to a friend; now there’s a pretty high possibility that they would contact you once again just because they could not recall the name of the place unless a hundred other people recommended the same! Either that or said pizza place starts their PR strategy by handing out fliers, pushing out digital ads, etc. to make the process of creating impressions a lot faster than conventional word of mouth.

There is a plethora of PR strategies both conventional and unconventional, which are utilized by many of the top PR agencies in India which are dedicated to specific domains such as – website traffic, image management, product promotions, etc.

Here are a few of the pro tips for executing a highly effective PR campaign:
Checkpoints before your campaign

1) Set a definitive goal, your expectations and the success metrics:

Always start with the big picture in mind first – What is your campaign about? Boosting sales, reaching a larger audience, try and connect further with your existing customer base?

Once you have the broader answer to these questions, narrow it down to the finer details. The product you would promote the most, a reason for your brand to be remembered, drive up sales, etc.

2) Your target audience

Knowing your audience and customer base is a deciding factor in the success of your campaign. Take the time to study what customer persona is this campaign going to reach out to – Is it families? Or millennials? Working professionals?

3) Creativity goes a long way

Even the smallest of news or recognition can be turned into an effective campaign. It’s all about how relatable and creative you are with your story.

Considering the pizza place example once again – Let’s say they have been consistent in maintaining decent and positive reviews on google or the restaurant aggregators like Zomato – communicating the same in a creative and relatable way would go a long way in creating impressions.

4) Write attractive Press Releases

Consider this:
Delicious pizzas in Mumbai
It’s a domino effect, they are all falling for our pizzas!
The first option seems like a pretty simple promotion, whereas the second tells a story!

After releasing your campaign

−   Social Shares:
Asking media outlets who have published your press release or featured your campaign to also share it on their social channels is an effective method to attract a large audience to your campaign.
If your story is picked up by Social Samosa or a news platform like The Times Of India, why not share it with their Instagram or Twitter followers

−   Company blog posts:
If your campaign is successful, it is very likely that you would see an increase in website traffic. Capitalizing on this is where company blog posts come in, detailing the same information from your press releases.

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Author: Nilay – A thinker, who is constantly on an adventure to explore everything new, from trends to food to music.