Role of Vernacular & Topical Content in Digital Advertising

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Digital marketing is as engaging as it is challenging; the challenge is to keep up with the pace. The digital space is constantly in a state of flux – what seems to work today might become passé in a few days.

If numbers are to be believed, the regional language internet users are estimated to grow by 18% versus English language users by only 3%. The credit for this increase goes to low-cost data and the affordable Smartphone.

Since advertising is all about reaching out to the potential target audience with the right message, brands cannot afford to miss catering to the humongous internet users which are on a rise. Brands must come up with vernacular content while communicating to their audience in order to exploit the new potential consumer base.

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”Nelson Mandela.

Languages are the pedigrees of a nation and if any brand wants to become a household name, it must talk in a language that resonates with people. Mere translation of words is definitely not going to help; the message should have a local flavour to it.

What do you say to the topical ad?

Every Day!

Going topical shows how a brand walks the extra mile in creating relevant, witty and interesting content by drawing from an ongoing scenario which appeals to a large chunk of the audience. It creates an instant connection between the consumer & the brand which helps the brand stand out among other competitive brands and also increases the brand’s recall value. By providing topical content, a brand can relate to their consumer base going above and beyond a marketer & consumer relationship. Amul is an apt example: from the last few decades they’ve managed to keep their audience hooked with their topical advertisements. Though topical content is short -lived, it is power packed with minimum effort & maximum output and can be best leveraged through digital advertising due to the medium’s fast and wide reach. Topical content should closely revolve around issues or stories that are highly anticipated or news that create an immediate stir.

Advertising is the art of communication for brands. A brand should never miss out on a single opportunity to reach out to its audience. After all, not acting upon a good piece of content is a sin which a good brand should never commit!