Say Hi to Conversational Ads on Twitter

Twitter is always known for its live updates and the ability to get conversational in 140 characters. With each passing day, Twitter is certainly striking a chord in bringing in something new to the plate. Recently Twitter rolled out new conversational advertisement. Helping brands to get more conversational with its user and engage with them to project a message the brand wants to share and communicate.

Today, when we say we want to run twitter advertisements. All that comes to our mind is a promoted tweet, account or hashtag. Twitter this time takes it a notch bit higher by helping a brand connect in a more conversational way. Conversational ads has a call to action button with customizable hashtag that encourages consumer’s engagement. The user gets to choose among two options, once the user decides with which option he wants to proceed, he can tap on the chosen option.

The tweet composer opens up with a pre-set tweet about the campaign along with the hashtag chosen in this case, the user then gets the freedom to edit the text according to what he/she wants. After tweeting, the user also receives a message from the brand as an acknowledgment for engaging with the tweet. Post which, the user can then see it on his timeline, it includes the brand photo and video as well which help the brand in communicating with a much larger audience. Conversational ads helps in gaining users attention in a different and more interactive way than the traditional methods of twitter advertisements.

So what you waiting for marketers? Let’s begin with conversations!