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Learn how to leverage content marketing to digitally scale your Business

What drives people to pick one brand over another? It certainly has a lot to do with how a brand is perceived by the consumer. Content marketing doesn’t just focus on selling products, it operates on a deeper level. It helps build narratives and tell stories that reflect the views and interests of the consumers, helping you forge a bond with them. Your branded content serves as a digital asset, helping you build credibility and trust. Let’s dig a little deeper to understand exactly how content marketing impacts digital marketing. Read on: 

Role of content marketing in digital marketing

Content marketing falls under the umbrella of digital marketing and they often go hand in hand. Creating content is the basis for driving traffic to your website and forms the very crux for digital marketing strategies including SEO, SMM, E-mail marketing and more. 

With proper strategic planning of your content and digital marketing data, you can increase the overall sales of the company, potential customers, and conversion rates. Digital marketing works only because of content that people find engaging. 

The consumer journey through content marketing

Your company’s consumer journey depends on how efficiently your site or page can put forth the content for your consumers. Ideal consumers are automatically attracted to your page with the help of content marketing. People are constantly looking for answers for their business and how smoothly you can provide them information regarding your products and services. 

Mentioning a pain point in your content can do wonders, something that your consumers can relate to and can also find a solution for, that is how consumers start putting in their trust in the content you create. Thinking through a consumer’s perspective is the ultimate key for engaging content. 

Don’t expect the consumer journey to always be linear but structure your content by first diving into the consumer psyche. Our copywriting services in India will furnish you with content tailored to appeal to your target audience, helping your brand find a voice online. 

Steps to build a strong consumer network: 

Step 1: Awareness

Who are your key audiences and what are their preferences? Knowing exactly what your consumers need can hold your position in the market. Also, being aware of which platform can gain you more no. of consumers and then crafting your content accordingly. 

Being aware of what problems your consumers are facing and addressing that issue through your content is beneficial. 

For eg: Collaborating your product with a well-known influencer on Instagram that hits the consumer’s pain point, and also keeping in mind the target audience, is likely to generate a rise in sales for your company.

Step 2:  Evaluation

In the next step, once the consumer gets familiar with the content you produce, they will automatically put their trust in your strategy. The company needs to keep in mind the constant evaluation a content needs so that with time it does not get boring. The company can even start interacting with the customers directly through direct marketing tools eg- Email Marketing, social media ads.

Step 3: Conversion

In the final stage, it’s time for the consumer to take action. Here the visitor of your page is converted into a buyer. Targeting the potential customer into buying their desired product and increasing the company sales. People who seem interested in learning more about your brand and have a higher chance of even buying the product.

Different types of Content Marketing: 

1. Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most used tools for direct marketing. Building an interesting email for your product catches the attention of your consumers and can be a direct source for attracting consumers to your website. Email Marketing is a key aspect of digital marketing and is necessary for a company’s financial growth.

Pro tip: Sending a monthly newsletter to potential customers not only keeps them engaged but could help create better brand recall and increase brand consideration.

2. Blogging

Creating company blogs is important for a consumer to get information on a certain product that is already available or is going to be launched, depending on this the consumer would review the product or how well the blog is maintained. A blog with good SEO based content is likely to attract a heap of traffic. Consistent engaging content can turn your blog followers into customers.

3. Videos 

A recent study suggests that more than 54% of consumers wish to see more video content from a brand they support. Given the engaging nature of video content, it can help increase brand awareness and consideration. You could choose to explore tutorials, video testimonials, product reviews, live streams or even video ads. 

4. Social Media 

The largest platform for content nowadays is social media, which includes platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many others. Many famous brands and businesses have switched to social media marketing. People consume most of their time on social media and creating content that they would find interesting is a boon to the company. The number of comments, likes and followers can even grow your business.

Pro tip: Collaborating with influencers can amplify your brand’s reach

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