Social Media Challenges

Social Media

SoChill Media….Is it?

As per the recent study, social media addictions have become a recent phenomenon and the withdrawal of the same has serious effects on the mental well being. Let’s look at some of the scenario that affects the most with respect to instances:

Taimur Ali withdrawal affect

Taimur Ali Khan saying bye to his fans, he being playful with the media, the cute little kiddie parties that he attends with other B-town kids….ufff! All these would be a major miss for sure. Can you afford to miss this, can’t right?

Update with Relations Status …life would be Duhh?

The wait for DeepRanveer wedding pics are something that speaks off how much we want to know about the tinsel towns Relationship status. Tadaa… you miss all these, the lehenga, wedding decoration, the food, the photographs. How do we get the ultimate Relationship goals and can stay chill about this?

Missing on Social media Innovations

Social media marketing has become increasingly popular over the past few years. No wonder this is so when approximately 2.5 billion people are connected with. You can stay chill without having proximity to this medium, can you? The miss is of course major.


Social Media and Travel Inspiration

We can’t deny the fact that all the travel lover in us have once used or followed travel based hashtags which have given us exposure to unexplored and unknown place to visit..isn’t that cool? This is due to FOMO. the fear of missing out, which is especially a common feeling among Millennials. Tell me a withdrawal from social media will help you for your travel goals ….na, not really! Travel has become from inspiration to booking.

All these are just few instances folks, however there can be many which will make the list unending. So let us know can we stay chill without Social media ?