Starting Your Career With A Media Planning Agency

So you’re passionate about media channels? Great. Let’s just say, this blog will help you channel this passion into something concrete! Puns aside, media planning is one of the most important parts of the advertising industry. Strategizing and coming up with a plan to optimize both resources and outreach through media channels is key to a brand’s success. 

So what does a media buying agency in India do? Two roles operate in tandem, that of media planners and media buyers. Media planners are involved in the strategy, and media buyers reach out to the relevant ad space owners. Google AdWords is the most popular operating zone for media planners and buyers. Here’s how you can get started in a media
planning agency in Mumbai
or Delhi! 

Study Background 

What matters is that you have a background in marketing or advertising. A media planning agency is more into core marketing than an advertising agency and will be involved with SEM and paid performance marketing more than creative agencies. Hence, a prior understanding of top tier social media technicalities is a requirement. Any bachelors degree in media or marketing should suffice. 

Prerequisite Skill Set

Media planners require constant strategizing. They need to be in sync with the latest media trends and platforms. Dedication to research and strategy development as well as a thorough understanding of marketing trends, virality and media channels are the key characteristics of a proficient media planner or buyer. However, as is the case with almost every profession, a keen interest in the subject matter can translate into proficiency with ease. 

Training Through Experience 

One benefit of seeking a job in a media planning agency is that there is high scope for learning on the job. Typically, to develop the fundamental knowledge needed to work as a media planner, the following questions must be constantly asked and answered- Who does the ad need to reach? What is the marketing budget? What are the conversion rate targets? What is the frequency and reach of the message? How to define success? All of these form the basis of media research. 

Choosing Your Specialty

Once you have the fundamentals in place, you must decide whether your forté lies in strategy and budgeting or actual on-field (so to speak) execution of the strategies. In this situation, you must ask yourself which one you feel more comfortable doing. Think about your education and past experiences and draw inspiration from the knowledge you’ve gained. That should lead you down the right path. 

Being part of the advertising industry demands a lot of commitment, thorough research and innovation. The same goes for media planning and buying agencies. However, building a career in it is extremely fruitful due to the sheer versatility of the nature of roles and specialties. We hope this blog was able to throw light on the intricacies of a media planning agency, and illuminate the path leading to your dream job! 

Author: Kaushal Mallya – I adore expressing myself through words and enjoy the little things in life. I’m a music and sports fanatic, and have the weirdest sense of humour ever.