The Best Way to Create A Responsive UI Web Design

The Best Way to Create A Responsive UI Web Design

Our lives have become highly dependent on the internet – a virtual networking medium, to get almost anything done. In such cases, it becomes crucial for us to have an interface that prioritizes our needs and comfort before anything else. That’s where the responsiveness of the website UI comes into play. Such a link between the user and the program makes it easier to get the work done with minimum effort and maximum efficiency. 

A user interface conveys the user’s messages to the machine and of the machine to the user. While doing all of this, it needs to be simple and intuitive for a smoother sail. That is what will make a responsive web design. Look out for these points when you go out to any UI design company in Mumbai, Delhi, or anywhere else.

What makes a Responsive Web Design

1. Your User is the Boss

Give your user the power because, in the end, it is for them. Make it as convenient as possible. Minimize the number of clicks required to get a task done. Keep it as simple as possible; don’t let your user sitting on the other end wondering where this click might lead. Add tutorials for novices who don’t have an idea about how the website UI design works. Do not make them afraid of exploring the website. Instead, make the user journey more engaging by making them feel valued, that they can access your website anytime they want.

2. To err is human

Let them know it is ok to make errors while browsing. Make it easy for the users to undo or redo. Reduce the number of steps required to do so. Convey this message by keeping the visuals and typography simple and accessible. At the same time, it’s not possible to have a perfect web design no matter how hard you try. So, website UI design companies in India should not forget to put up an error message in case of error because within those few seconds the user might get frustrated. Doing so would also help gain their trust. 

3. Good Looks, Good Looks, Good Looks

A good-looking website attracts more users and makes them stay for longer. Arrange the content on the site so that it is easy to read through and does not look cluttered. The clearer the arrangement of the site is, the more focussed the user stays and makes the most out of it. It would lead to better productivity and make users visit the site more often. UI design companies in India should use easy-to-understand fonts and add more videos to the site for they are more engaging and narrate everything in a few seconds. 

4. Keep it consistent and unambiguous

Once you have chosen a design, stick to it throughout on all the pages. Stay consistent when it comes to visuals. While browsing, sudden elements of surprise are not enjoyable in terms of user experience. Maintaining this visual consistency won’t confuse the user and help them remember your brand for a long time. Don’t leave it to the users to figure out why elements suddenly change or why they are designed in a particular manner. In fact, make it as obvious and intuitive as possible.

These are some absolute essentials to keep in mind for UI design companies across India. Website UI designs are the real game-changers, make sure yours is responsive! We, at Chimp&z Inc, specialize in curating responsive UI website designs with an experienced team of designers and developers. Please get in touch with us at