The Fine Print

The Fine Print.

Inspired by Kalki Koechlin: The Printing Machine

Shame. Anger. Fear. Despair.

All Kalki’s lyrical performance has managed to do is remind us of the issues that swarm across our nation, as we experience a fleeting moment of anger during which the emotion of indifference kicks in. Before routine kicks in.

As India makes its way into a fore boarding 2016,

How can we stop a crime over which we have no power over?

Victims all around, and yet no one to blame.

Untold stories. Blackmail.

Showcased in bold black ink. As we sit everyday with our morning drink, stories – for a brief moment that make us rethink, of the world we are living in.

It’s the blood of the innocent that fills up the pages,

As the beasts of the night keep on roaming,

How much can we keep on tolerating?

Up until the day of redemption, the printing machine will just keep on chrrring.