The Importance Of Building A Content Strategy

Okay, let’s deal with the big white elephant in the room. After that, I will go back to eating a sandwich. You could too, if you really wish.

The big white elephant- What in the world is content strategy?

So, there’s a girl you really want to talk to.  She’s pretty, smart and all that you could ask for.

You’re badly hoping that you send her the right texts; that you say all the right things to her so that she ends up liking you. And you must already know the insane amount of calculations that your mind usually makes while talking to such a girl, that you should sound fun, but not too overzealous; serious but not too boring; that you can say you like pizza but not set your relationship status to ‘I like Pizza’, well things like that.

To put things into perspective, you, the consumer are that elusive girl we’re talking about here. Yes, you’re no no longer a nalaayak (idiot), or any of those atrocious names that your father usually refers to you by. It’s all wrong. You are perfect. You’re the one.

And who has this warm and fuzzy feeling while thinking about you? The brand.

It really wants to talk to you and say the right things. Speak in a way that you understand. Look like something you really want to look at. Meet all of your expectations.

Who helps it do so?

The content strategists. These guys are the brands wingmen, who sit for hours coming up with strategies (those insane calculations in the head before saying the right words, that) so that the brand goes out there on the big stage- on Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, says things rather smoothly, looks dapper, eventually causing you to notice it.

The brand knows it has hit the spot when you’ve clicked like or retweet.

Here are a few examples of fine campaigns and how content strategy would’ve helped things work for them:

1. Oreo

Oreo is brilliant when it comes to creating content which engages and entertains the social media user with superbly original content.

It speaks in a playful tone.

It uses simple sentences.

It looks hip and self-assured.

If Oreo was a person, he’d be this fun dude you’d really want to hang out with.

And the content strategists have done a fine job of coming up with the right balance- of speech, design and overall content.


oreo content strategy


oreo content marketing


2. Micromax

The content strategists position the product as the quintessential working class phone very effectively.

They give the working class man a reason to be proud of.

The tonality, the aesthetics are kept in line with this strategy.

They use words like #DesiSwag and #Tashan in their communication, which goes down well with their audience.


micromax content strategy


3. Zomato

Zomato puts out excellent content every now and then.

The content is witty and playful.

They have understood the audience very, very well.

Also, the designers do a great job of communicating the message across with simple yet effective design.

We look forward to their content because of all these reasons.


zomato content strategy


zomato content marketing




So, content strategizing is an exercise to give that inner voice and soul to every brand, so that it can interact thoughtfully and purposefully with the consumer. Noticed any other brands with brilliant content strategy? Let us know in the comment section below.