The Importance of Chatbots on Your Website

The future of the world is interlinked with the future and development of technology. As we head from one era to the next, we often take notice of considerable changes to how technology can be used in society and business.

The use of chatbots on websites has been around for a while, but we see more and more of them pop up on different platforms and be used to improve websites.

So what is the point of a chatbot on a website and is it worth considering for your business? Good question. Let’s find out!

Before we get down to why chatbots are vital for a website, let’s figure out what they are in the first place:

What Are Chatbots And How Do They Work?

A chatbot can be defined as an artificial intelligence (AI) based software application used to conduct a conversation with a live human user.

These bots can be used on websites, messaging applications and mobile apps. But what do they actually do and how?

Chatbots work by analyzing and identifying the intent of the user’s request and the most relevant and applicable response.

A conversation with a chatbot is seen as one of the most advanced interactions between humans and machines. But you can dispel thoughts of an AI uprising and take a look at the technology involved.

Chatbots represent the evolution of a question/answer system which uses Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP bots are designed to convert the text or speech of the user into data. This data is then used to formulate a response.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) filters words, helps bots interpret user responses, check typo errors and common phrases to determine what the user is trying to say while scanning different categories for the information required.

Eva: India’s first AI-enabled conversational banking chatbot.


Why Are They So Important?

You must be thinking about how a chatbot can help improve your marketing strategies and if they’re indeed worth it. How much value can they truly add when it comes to improving your website or business? The answer is: Quite a bit.

Chatbot applications lead to smooth interactions between people and services. This, not only enhances customer experience but also offers companies new ways to improve their efficiency by lowering the cost of customer service.

However, it is vital to remember that human intervention is important in configuring, training and optimizing the chatbot.

Not convinced? Here are some benefits of incorporating a chatbot on your business website:

  • Customer Service & User Engagement

Chatbots are programmed to follow guidelines. Hence, no matter the customer’s mood or language, the chatbot will always be polite and attentive. They also respond with lightning-fast speed, so say goodbye to submitting forms and waiting for a response!

Chatbots are available 24/7, they never sleep. Which is probably the top potential benefit of using chatbots —  24-hour customer service.

  • Enhanced Lead Generation

A successful business website is often judged by its ability to generate leads. If you include a chatbot in your web design it will help do just that. The chatbot understands customer needs in order to provide an effective solution. It also lets you follow up with customers while constantly providing them with any information they need regarding your business. It also suggests what else they might be interested in, which ultimately enhances lead generation.

Chatbots collect data from each visit and can use this to separate qualified leads from the rest. This reduces dead ends and saves a lot of time, especially if you’re a digital marketing agency.

  • Surveys & Payment

You know how most survey attempts through email or websites are in vain as most users ignore them due to various reasons, the main reason being lack of time. But if you use a chatbot, it can survey the customer’s experience through a real-time discussion which makes it short, engaging and much more successful.

Besides this, you can integrate the Application programming interface (API) of a payment system like PayPal with the built chatbot. This helps shoppers complete their checkout process faster and without any problems that could lead them to abandon it altogether. Especially for eCommerce websites, this results in fewer challenges when it comes to conversion and unsolved issues.

  • Accurate and Relevant Push Notifications

How often have push notifications caught the attention of the audience through spot-on messages and information? Not much.

Thankfully, AI chatbot development can change all that. Chatbots help in sending personalized notifications to customers based on their needs. This reduces distractions with more relevant messages which go a long way in improving the experience of a website user and helps in conveying the right updates to customers regarding your business.

  • Keeping up with Trends

More and more applications and messaging platforms like Facebook messenger support chatbots. To keep your business relevant, you have got to keep up with the growing trends.

Besides jumping on the bandwagon, this can actually benefit your business as customers feel comfortable communicating with a brand through a chatbot to look for information, make a purchase, etc.

Vainu Bot: A chatbot for lead generation



You may have noticed that in this day and age, more and more people prefer chatting instead of calling. Therefore, it is imperative to integrate a chatbot with your business design and take advantage of this opportunity.

Chatbots essentially make things better and with improving technology, they are popping up on every platform out there. It would be wise to utilize this artificial intelligence to improve customer experience and enhance your brand.