The Importance Of Google Analytics For SEM

Peter Drucker once said, “ If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” To measure the success or failure of any campaign, it has always been advised to get it done with the Google Analytics tool. But are we all acquainted with the fact that why is it considered to be the best performance tracker for all your SEM practices? Google Analytics assists the top SEM agency in Mumbai and other cities in producing well-researched reports. While most organisations and enterprises focus on growing their internet traffic via analytics trackers, this does not guarantee that you are obtaining the desired result like increased subscriptions, downloads, or registrations. In such cases, what you actually need are tangible outcomes that will help you to derive quantifiable results. This is when the Google Analytics tool comes to your rescue.

5 reasons why Google Analytics is important for your SEM practices

1. Helps in goal setting

Google Analytics aids in setting a target and tracking it regularly to understand the increase or decline of the traffic. Not only does it assist with the website, but it also helps to keep a record of all the campaigns, with a complete report for impact analysis and ROI. Being able to track these would allow you to discover which techniques work, to further analyse and seek new strategies that can be adopted in the future.

2. Comes in handy for data collection

Data collection is the next component of Google Analytics. The tool will gather a wide range of data about your sponsored campaigns or website traffic, as well as how users interact with them. This will provide answers to concerns such as, “What’s the background of my target audience?”, “How long did they stay on my website?” and many more. To collect such information, Google Analytics employs a simple JavaScript code for SEM practices. It is applied to each page and places a cookie in the browser of each visitor that helps Google Analytics to record each interaction the user has with your site or campaign.

3. Helps to make informed decisions

Now that we have the facts, we know what they signify and how they are obtained, the next step is to turn this data into productive actions. With the assistance of an SEM company in Mumbai, you can delve into the reports, which holds the capacity to influence plans and policies– such as which remarketing audiences to interact with and how to expand one’s online visibility. Knowing how to use analytics data to better your marketing efforts is critical to eventually enhancing the effectiveness of your campaign.

4. Eases the process of understanding your market strategy 

After thorough research, you come up with a marketing strategy for a campaign that would help in generating desired results. To process the accumulated data and information, Google Analytics segregates it in multiple formats. Based on your preference, you can understand the audience and their choices to provide solutions to their requests or needs. You can also preview the past reports to avoid repeating the same mistakes and strategise your further plans, efficiently with proper research.

5. Keep a track of your progress

The goals section in Google Analytics allows you to measure how far your activity has progressed. You may also add multiple goals to follow the customer’s journey based on their activities. Depending on your preferences, you may set targets such as increasing sales, form fill-ups, downloads, subscriptions to newsletters, and much more. If a new visitor comes to the landing page and submits the form, with all their details duly filled, means that the individual completes an action you wanted him to take. With this, your website has converted a visitor into a customer, contributing to the success of your business.

Google Analytics is an essential component of any website manager’s or marketer’s online toolkit, with the volume of data it provides. To make wise business decisions based on the
data provided by Google Analytics, you can hire an SEM agency in India to monitor the frequent reports and execute improvements as needed. This will make your job easier and deliver well-vetted outcomes with professional expertise.

Author: Nirali Bhansali –   An avid book reader who is always high on inspiration. Believes in a daily dose of peace and happiness with value for people and principles being never off the table.