The Next Big Thing In Digital: Changes To Expect In 2022

Digital marketing and Online marketing are the new norms when it comes to marketing. Gone are the days when the only way to market a product or service was through print. As the Digital world evolves every day, here’s what 2022 will be bringing!

Metaverse Evolution – 2d to 3d Web
Mark Zuckerberg announced a name change in October 2021 – renaming  “Facebook” as  “Meta”. This was done to express Facebook’s goal to grow and establish itself in the metaverse transformation.

Metaverse refers to the combination of virtual and augmented reality. It is a virtual shared space accessible through VR headsets, AR glasses, and smartphone apps.

Not only can users socialize, explore and create content in the virtual environment, but also monetize it with the help of cryptocurrency and the blockchain. In 2022, this new and improved web is expected to be a big commercial issue and is being backed by major brands.

AI – The dawn of new jobs

AI will change the way we think about, create and enjoy a dish or look for a job. Shortages in labor have caused many organizations to switch to AI to evaluate job applicants. AI in the food and hospitality industry will enhance the imagination and creativity of chefs and culinary experts beyond the limitations of today. One such example is Flippy, the robot that has already started flipping burgers at McDonald’s.

5g | Wifi 6

5g and the new Wi-Fi 6 standard will enable faster connection which is very essential to get the masses on these new digital trends. Future applications will include smart cities, IoT or the internet of things, and vehicle-to-vehicle communication – which would significantly improve traffic safety and flow.

5g towers are either coming soon or have already started functioning, thus, helping the world stay connected in a better and faster way.

NFT Mainstream

The purchase and use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) increased massively in 2021 and is projected to grow even more in 2022. NFTs are the newest value exchange mechanism in the global economy, thereby changing the value and function of all digital assets and artworks.

NFTs for now, are a highly volatile asset class and could need better regulations from the market.

Social Media: Privacy and Quality Tweaks

Platforms will prioritize privacy and quality in feeds and despite recent public outcries, Facebook is likely to grow its revenues and audiences.

All social media platforms are likely to update their privacy policies and tweak their algorithms by the end of 2022.

Due to the rising demand for short-form content, a new tribe of creative influencers will see growth and leave a lasting impact on branding and engagement.

With this growing popularity of video content, Instagram and TikTok are likely to witness a significant rise in expenditure in 2022, and Instagram will see growth beyond 50%.

Other minor social media marketing components like customer service and relationship management will also thrive on these platforms.

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Author: Gabriel Fernandes is a Copywriter at Chimp&Z Inc, with experience in writing and strategy. They are interested in Mythology, Anime and can be found petting stray cats on the streets of Mumbai.