The Rise of Social Commerce: Transforming Global Marketing Channels

Here’s an interesting stat about social media and its impact on our daily lives. Did you know that the average usage time around the glove is two hours and twenty-seven minutes a day? As social media’s importance increases in each aspect of our lives, it comes as no surprise that numerous firms are choosing to steer their marketing efforts toward social commerce. Brands are now realizing that most consumers prefer to shop on platforms such as Instagram, and Facebook, and hence choosing to concentrate their efforts on bettering their operations in the world of social media. Social commerce is expected to expand at a rapid rate in the next few years with the continuous growth of engagement rates across all social media platforms. In line with this growth, a report by Forbes shows that 77% of businesses worldwide now use social media to attract customers. But enough with the facts and stars now, let’s take a moment to understand what social commerce entails. 

Social commerce: what is it?

Social commerce can be best explained as a sub-segment of e-commerce that makes use of a network of social and digital media to facilitate transactions between a brand and customers. Users can find e-commerce features directly on social media platforms without having to leave the platform. Take for example – Instagram. A user may see a product they like on Instagram, click on the post/story, and be directly transported to the product platform. Such is the magic of social commerce.  

As social commerce becomes more popular, brands are understanding the importance of creating visually appealing content for their social media pages to attract new customers and retain loyal ones. This is where the services of a creative advertising agency come into play. Creative advertising companies are essential to defining brand presence and boosting sales in this social commerce era. It becomes essential for Indian companies trying to prosper in this fast-paced climate to collaborate with a creative advertising agency in India. Enlisting the services of a creative advertising agency from a metropolitan city such as Mumbai or Delhi can help a brand stand out within the competitive landscape of the social world. A creative advertising agency in Mumbai may help in brainstorming new ideas, introducing new strategies, and bringing different perspectives to the table- all winning strategies to ace the social commerce game!

Creative advertising firms perform two roles in the context of social commerce, where the focus is on the smooth integration between e-commerce and social media platforms. In addition to creating aesthetically pleasing ads, they are also familiar with the workings of social media platforms, so the content is designed for the highest levels of interaction and conversion.

Working with a creative advertising firm in Mumbai may give companies attempting to manage the social commerce wave a local touch and cultural relevance while precisely targeting the varied and dynamic market in the area. Similar to this, an innovative advertising agency in India may offer complete solutions to specifically address the demands of the Indian market, taking advantage of subtle cultural differences and consumer trends to produce powerful advertising campaigns.

To wrap up, as social media and its usage seep into the world of retail and brands, businesses must realize the role it plays in enhancing their presence. Moreover, they must take the right steps toward partnering with a creative advertising agency to give their content the boost that is needed. Be it in a city such as Mumbai or even across the country, you can never go wrong with choosing the right creative agency that fits the needs of you, your business, and your customers.