These 5 Brands Are Doing An Amazing Job With GIFs

These 5 Brands Are Doing An Amazing Job With GIFs

Step aside Tumblr, the new home for Gifs is here. 

Besides the rise in Donald Trump’s superfluous popularity, users addicted to the digital sphere have noticed the apparent rise of Gifs on social media. No we aren’t talking about your Tumblr, Reddit or Giphy, but social media giants like Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest have joined in fun.


The past couple of years have seen the rise and fall of selfie sticks, Rahul Gandhi’s career in politics, Dubsmash videos and of course Gifs. But in spite of being a well-known source of entertainment on sites like Buzzfeed, not many people knew what a Gif actually was. Only through Buzzfeed’s continuous use of Gifs as a part of their content strategy and social sites updating themselves to showcase Gifs, did these animated images become an everyday form of content. 



For those who still don’t know, 


A ‘Graphics Interchange Format’ commonly known as a Gif is just an amalgamation of several images stitched together in order to form a story. Gifs are basically content in the form of a visual. 

Instead of a normal, YES 






A gif is more visually alluring to look at and it conveys the message all the same. 


As time evolves, so do people. 

Why stick to the same old method of conversing when a new more entertaining method is available right at your fingertips? Another reason why Gifs are so popular is because they are simply easy to create. 

Fact: Your brain processes information in about 13 milliseconds. Visual stories are up to 60 times more impactful. Source  

Thus in the Facebook of 2016, it’s no surprise that your timeline looks nothing less than a Hogwarts painting. Not to shift too far away from the topic, it’s not a surprise the top brands of the industry have decided to latch on to the trend and take their content to a whole new level. 

Disclaimer: The ranking order of brands is in no way official, but just a subjective perspective of the writer of this article.  


1. Oreo

As a personal favourite (opinionated writer alert) Oreo has always aimed at keeping its content light, visually impactful and inspirational. Oreo is one brand that targets a vast age group, and its content never fails in making you feel happy, joyful, inspired or even a bit peckish.



2. Starbucks

Aimed at users who hold an iPhone in one hand and a cappuccino in the other, Starbucks has kept its gif game strong alright. Unlike Oreo, its visual content is based on real world occurrences and is primarily targeted towards youngsters. 




3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is the master of Gifs that are centred on topical content. Whether it be ‘Pie Day’ or ‘Save the Dolphins Week’ they have got a gif to support it.








4. Google

Google mastered the art of Gifs even before they were mainstream. Google Doodles are a work of art, which varied of continuous images to full-fledged games and masterful tributes. Is it a wonder that Google’s gifs are decidedly unbeatable?




5. Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew has been having a Gif blast all over its social platforms. Aimed at the go-getters and sports maniacs these gifs are quick, to the point and visually impactful. 


And as an honorary mention,

6. Bisleri

Bisleri Pop is currently going gaga over Gifs, and we have to admit they are doing a great job in creating colourful and fun content. We will surely be keeping a close eye on this brand.



So here’s our list of brands that are currently rocking their Gif game, if you think you’ve spotted a brand who has got an upper hand in Gifs, do share the link in the comments section below.