Time To Fall In Love With The Dynamism Of Marketing

With January now history, don’t let tomorrow be a mystery. It is imperative for a marketing professional to stay one step ahead of the times, at all times. We have exactly what you need.

February brings more industry updates, exciting new features, and eye-catching headlines. You just can’t miss out on this!


Insta emulating YouTube by introducing subscribers

Content creators hoping to establish a presence on Instagram are set to be aided with Instagram introducing monetizing for subscribers, in a bid to promote video content. The subscribed users, in turn, get access to exclusive content.

Employees are the new influencers! 

The influencer wave has picked up big time, and Reels-driven content with employees acting as influencers is set to pick up popularity. Evidence is visible in the success of Reels featuring employees of brands.

Twitter testing Spaces recording

Business through Spaces can now be preserved! Twitter has introduced Spaces recording, enabling thought-provoking conversations on air to be immortalized. This could prove to be a game-changer for connections, meetings, and brainstorms!

Podcasts for the win. *Mic drop*

Audio looks like the way to go in 2022. According to Andrea Palmer from Publicis Health Media, U.S. consumers listened to nearly 15 billion hours of podcasts in 2021, up 25% from 2020. With a spike this steep, podcasting appears to be a marketing mandate for the coming months.

LinkedIn is now the happening part of marketing town! 

Hadn’t emphasized LinkedIn in your marketing strategy? Back to the drawing board. LinkedIn keeps growing as a marketing and advertising hub every year. Maybe these stats will convince you –

  • 61 million LinkedIn users are senior-level influencers and 40 million are in decision-making positions.
  • LinkedIn is the #1 channel B2B marketers use to distribute content at 94%.
  • LinkedIn makes up more than 50% of all social traffic to B2B websites & blogs.
  • 91% of marketing executives list LinkedIn as the top place to find quality content. 

Author: Kaushal Mallya – I adore expressing myself through words and enjoy the little things in life. I’m a music and sports fanatic, and have the weirdest sense of humour ever.