Copy That! Tips that will take your copy writing skills to the next level

Content Writing Tips

Converting insights into Instagram content through the power of imagination sums up the task at hand for any modern-day copywriter. Gone are the days when direct communication was the name of the game. Some classic ads make me jealous, to this day, of how simply they were executed. Here’s one such example –

Daihatsu Vs Lamborghini Ad - Creative Advertising
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However, with the times changing faster than the speed of thought, it is essential that as a writer you keep honing your skills and polishing your craft. After all, the pen is mightier than the sword.

Here are the practices every writer needs to follow to take their game to the next level and up the ante:

1. Give them the feels

In all those long strategy and brainstorm sessions we must endure as writers, we always talk of emotion. Yes, it is extremely drab to open with this tip, but it is also perhaps the most critical one. Emotion plays a massive role in all decisions we make as humans and if you can attach an emotion to your product or service, or pander to an emotion your audience feels you have a hit on your hands.

Copy Writing Skills
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Perhaps, most importantly, the most seminal work in advertising celebrates human emotions at their peak – be it anger, disgust, fear, love, joy or happiness. The greatest campaigns are hinged on an emotion, so it is important to give people the feels.

2. Ask the silly questions

Advertising is often considered a cut-throat business where people play their cards awfully close to their chest. Being vulnerable may not win you brownie points, but will surely ensure you steer clear of the absolute no’s in terms of your work.

Copy Writing Skills
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Ask if a campaign can have a religious or political lean. Wonder aloud whether something you are working on is sexist or biased in any way. Only by always questioning the standards will you raise them further and improve upon your end product.

3. Be Yourself

Another cliché in advertising is to bring a bit of your personality to your work. Some writers struggle with converting their attitude into content for the brands they work for. Ask for more leeway, push for good work and then the work speaks for itself.

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Putting your personality into the things you create always makes you smile when you see the end product and strikes a chord, emotionally or otherwise, with like-minded people.

4. Keep reading

This one seems obvious but is often overlooked. Those writers that read more often have more points of reference, an imagination that is always in overdrive and, perhaps most importantly, a wider vocabulary to tap into.

Content Writing Tips
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Either pick up a book or pour through the best campaigns of the year, but don’t ever stop reading, doing research and keeping an eye on the latest trends. This will help in turning words into wondrous results for your clientele.

5. Proofread, more than once

When you are done writing, the process can drain you, you just need a break sometimes. Take it, but revisit your work always. Re-reading things gives you a fresh perspective and the ability to be critical of your own work. See if you can shorten that caption, make that description crisper or clarify that long sentence.

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Proofreading is essential in that it eliminates human error by simply reading through what has been written already. Surely not a rocket science and perhaps the most important tip here – read what you write, then read it again!

Conclusion –

No matter what level you work at in the copywriting department, you will most likely be the fuel that starts the creative fire. Keep focused and turn these tips into habits to take your game up by a few notches. Remember, there is always something new to learn, no matter how much you think you already know.

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