Top 10 Social Media Brands to Follow in the World and Why

Top Social Brands

A great social media presence is currently the most important thing for both, private companies and even expensive business. It’s almost 2019 and people are taking a gander at social media accounts utilizing similar parameters that they search for, while looking for their perfect partners.

Potential clients and buyers are searching for social media accounts that are brilliant, smart, funny and entertaining; accounts that are great conversationalists and likewise brands who really tune in to their needs. Basically, your intended interest group is searching for your social channel to bring value to their lives some way.

Fortunately, there are a lot of organizations that quickly learn and execute from the brands that are killing social media. Regardless of whether they’re inventive or silly, these brands are guiding on what internet-based life can do and how it can enhance brand messaging.

Here are 10 brands you should give a follow straight away!

1. Red Bull

Red Bull makes caffeinated energy drinks, however you won’t see many Red Bull cans on the brand’s social channels. They rather, recount stories like a media brand, and all those stories are on the line of adrenaline, keeping in mind that they don’t deviate from the core concept of energy drinks. This helps Red Bull to connect with their audience with a better impact because it certainly gives you wings!

Red Bull

2. Netflix

We all know how our generation is just glued to the screen. Netflix knows this fact a little better than all of us because that’s how Radhika Apte could be found everywhere, right? Be it the classic movies, the all-time favorite TV shows or the upcoming regional content, Netflix always comes up with trendy content on social media to promote them and even make them viral because ‘what better combination than Netflix and Chill?


3. Liverpool FC

One problem that Liverpool Football Club tackled very well through their social media is the way they manage every content and put it on the plate to their fans through social media. Be it the latest game score update, an emotional throwback to a wonderful goal, fans’ emotions through testimonials or a player showing his recovery process. If you give them a thumbs up on their social media, you’ll certainly never walk alone!

Liverpool FC

4. Airbnb

The team Airbnb is well aware of how to use short visual clips to express the brand’s personality, making a pitch-perfect Social Media presence. Regardless of whether they’re sharing professionally created content, influencer content or client produced content, one thing is common across their social media i.e the originality. The majority of the videos they share include genuine explorers and hosts. Airbnb is all about building authentic connections and winning your trust and they don’t fail to do that with their social media!


5. Tinder

At Tinder, they say “Make every single moment count!” It’s almost 2019 where relationships and social media nowadays tend to go hand-in-hand. Tinder’s social channels not only post quirky and funny chats (which are worth reading by the way) but they also ask you to be yourself, be original and motivates you to keep swiping right.


6. WeWork

WeWork are massively growing in our country. The office spaces are a little too perfect for the corporate world. While it may appear to be simple enough to make these wonderful corporate spaces look good, the social media team does a great job of focusing on the details. They highlight smaller nuances that set WeWork apart from other co-working places in the town.


7. Starbucks

Starbucks uses clean and neat images to catch your attention and slow your scroll. Starbucks share a lot of user-generated content as well which is just wonderful to watch. Starbucks is also known for their giveaways on social media. They always create content that empowers its fans to like, comment, and share.


8. Oreo

Oreo isn’t just quirky, its social media is also incredibly intelligent when it comes to jumping on live events and viral content. Whether Oreo is sharing an animation or a still photo of the cookie, all of the brand’s content have the same look and feel. If you’re a cookie lover, do give them a thumbs up!


9. New Balance

Introduction of this major sports brand in our country in 2017 would not have been the same if it had not been their social media. Be it any sport, they have got the gears ready for you. With the giveaway contests on social media and the updates on latest trendy shoes, it is certainly turning out to be the next big sports brand in our country.

New Balance

10. Airtel India

We all are well aware about the massive brand that is, Airtel. Airtel is committed in providing top-notch support to its customers across the globe. With so much happening around every day, Airtel has come up with a TV app, a music app, offers free Netflix and Amazon subscription and what not! Their social media just guides you to follow the latest trend, news or sports with “Airtel” and be a part of the family.

Airtel India

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