Top 5 campaigns we executed in 2023

As we step into 2024, it’s time to reflect on the creative milestones that have defined Chimp&z Inc.’s prowess in the marketing realm. From innovative digital strategies to impactful brand collaborations, these campaigns have not only captured attention but have also set the bar higher for the industry. Join us as we unveil the top 5 Chimp campaigns of 2023, each telling a unique story of creativity, strategy, and success.

PayU – Freedom of Payment 

We at Chimp&z Inc. conceptualized and executed the PayU #FreedomOfPayment Independence Day campaign, celebrating the freedom of digital transactions. Utilizing AI-crafted visuals, the campaign highlights the unifying language of digital payments, fostering unity and a shared sense of identity across India’s diverse cultural landscape. 

Tata Play: World TV Day 2023 – #HarTVJingalala

Tata Play’s #HarTVJingalala digital campaign, crafted by Chimp&Z Inc., celebrates World Television Day by juxtaposing the sentimental farewell of an old TV set with the vibrant promise of a new one, both connected through Tata Play. The narrative highlights the emotional exchange between the two, showcasing shared memories and the continuity of entertainment. Ultimately, the campaign emphasizes Tata Play’s seamless installation and the ability to extend multiple connections, culminating in both TVs finding a place in the same home.

Tata Play Binge: The Binge Song 

Chimp&z Inc. orchestrated the launch of Tata Play Binge’s campaign with Badshah for ‘The Binge Song.’ Responsible for crafting lyrics and managing PR, the collaboration celebrates binge-watchers with a vibrant anthem, seamlessly blending Tata Play Binge’s offerings with Badshah’s signature style. The campaign includes 150+ influencers participating in user-generated content contests, ensuring an engaging experience for viewers. Our end-to-end support ensures the campaign’s success, inviting everyone to groove to the catchy beat of #TheBingeSong with Tata Play Binge.

Warner Media: Diwali 

We helped make Warner Media’s Diwali campaign a resounding success. As the first kids’ entertainment brand to incorporate CGI, we orchestrated a festive spectacle at the iconic Gateway of India. Our team brought beloved toons from Pogo, Cartoon Network, and Discovery Kids to life, sharing a grand Diwali wish amid a magical rain of laddoos. Through expert photography, magical design, and CGI, we created a whimsical and joyous scene, making Warner Media’s Diwali celebration truly memorable for their toon family and the audience.


Club Mahindra: Diwali

Our Diwali campaign for Club Mahindra showcased staff dedication to making members’ holidays magical. We generated a week-long pre-buzz through Instagram stories to engage the audience in sharing their Diwali plans. The highlight was an AI-based video narrating heartwarming stories of staff ensuring a special Diwali for guests away from home. The powerful storytelling and narration aimed to resonate with the audience, emphasizing Club Mahindra’s commitment to creating magical holiday experiences.