Top 5 Free SEO Tools By Google For Easy Analysis

Despite being considered as a major SEO company in Gurgaon and one of the most sought-after SEO services in Delhi, Chimp&z Inc never misses a chance to educate the users on the availability of stuff like free SEO tools for website analysis.

Today we shed light on 5 of the top free SEO tools by Google for easy analysis.

1. Google Search Central: Google Search Console:

Source: Hubspot

Google Search Central (formerly: Google Webmasters) has a number of tools that help you appear in the SERPs for the search terms and phrases your target audience is looking for.

Search Central becomes all the more useful if you’re a businessman or a marketing person.

It guides you to use Google Search Console in a way that helps with your SEO and website analysis.

Even if you don’t have any coding knowledge, Google Search Console can still help you monitor, debug, and optimize your website.

2. Google Analytics:

Source: Hubspot

Although Google Analytics has a paid version, its free version can be highly useful too.

It can help you manage your website’s SEO — especially if you pair Google Analytics with Google Search Console.

As your website’s SEO data gets centrally compiled and located, you can use queries to identify areas for improvement with the keywords, phrases, etc. that you would like your website and web pages to rank for.

There are numerous other ways in which you can use the free version of Google Analytics to understand and improve your SEO.

Some of them are:

i) Removing spam traffic or filtering your referral traffic.

ii) Comparing organic versus non-organic website traffic.

iii) Utilizing site content reports to determine engagement metrics.

iv) Identifying which of your channels are contributing to sales or conversions the most by reviewing the Multi-Channel Report’s Assisted Conversions feature.

3. Google My Business:

Source : Wordstream, Hootsuite

Today, most of the search is digital.

Even for a shop selling old-fashioned products, customers and prospects are looking up online.

Whether it’s about foot traffic or web traffic, Google is the ultimate search referrer.

That’s where Google My Business comes in as an essential free tool for businesses and organizations to optimize and manage their online presence including Google, Search and Maps. Google business accounts have strong local SEO, so the information you share rank above other sites.

Google My Business also lets you keep the customers informed about your business story, address, contact information, business hours and other essential details, etc.

With this easy-to-use tool, you can also verify your business and thus boost consumer confidence. Customers are 70% more likely to visit businesses with a Google My Business listing. The reviews feature also helps build trust to a great extent.

Research by Think With Google found that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

4. Google Alerts:

Google Alerts is a web content monitoring tool that shows if the search keyword entered by you appears in Google results.

It’s also a free notification service that sends you emails summarizing the search activity around the search terms.

You can create notifications on any subject, topic, or keyword. Thus, when a new web page talks about anything that could be an easy link opportunity, you’ll get notified about it on email on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Here’s how it can look:

Source : Neil Patel

In this way, Google Alerts is an easy way to build links, get notified about the opportunities and save a lot of time.

5. Google Mobile-Friendly Test:

Reports say that nearly 60% of all online searches are now from mobile devices.

It is therefore imperative to understand the impact that this can have on search engine results.

You can take help of the Google Mobile-Friendly Test tool, that determines if your website is mobile friendly or not in just a few seconds..

Simply enter your URL, click “Analyze,” and you can see something like this:

Source : Neil Patel

In this way, this free tool clearly tells you if your website is mobile-friendly or not and can help you know the impacts on your search results.

It only makes sense to instantly make necessary changes if your website fails this test as a mobile-friendly version of your site could boost both – your search engine rankings and the organic traffic that you generate.

Therefore, Chimp&z Inc always encourages the users to stay up-to-date with such free SEO tools for achieving optimum results, as in the end, the fact always remains the same – that Google can’t be tricked for successful SEO, it can only be collaborated with, to get the best search results for everyone!