Top 7 tips for PPC Advertising Services for Growing Business

Everyone in the advertising and digital marketing space knows that Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising offers the best bang for your buck. There’s more that PPC brings to the table- the ability to choose your target audience, measure the effectiveness of your campaign and customize it with ease. PPC advertising seems so lucrative and effective, doesn’t it? Then why is it that it doesn’t always fetch the desired results? Whether you’re one of the many PPC Services in Mumbai or a small business trying to thrive in this competitive market, adopting the right PPC strategy is key. 

Looking for ways to build your business by squeezing every last bit out of your ad spends on PPC campaigns? Well, you’ve certainly come to the right address. Here are some tips that should help you get the best out of your campaigns. Read on:

1. Set your goals and Call-to-action before creating your campaign
You can’t effectively measure the effectiveness of your campaign without having your end goals in place. As obvious as this may sound, many make the mistake of not having a clear call to action. Whether asking users to buy a product, asking them to visit the landing page, or maybe requesting them to fill out a form, it becomes easier to track the conversions when you have a clear call to action. 

2. Decide on a type of ad depending on your platform
While Google is the most popular and sought-after platform for PPC advertising, Facebook and Twitter also offer PPC advertising. Once you determine your ad’s objective, you can then decide on the right platform for your campaign. Facebook Ads help garner brand awareness, website traffic and store visits while promoted posts on Twitter are well suited for app installs, new followers, engagement and website traffic. On Google, your PPC campaign can be in the form of a Display Ad, Search Ad, App Ad or Video Ad. It lets you set your budget and customize your audience depending on where you want your ads to appear.

3. Look for new keywords you can target
When it comes to cutting costs any PPC agency in India might immediately resort to lowering the bids on keywords or reduce ad spend altogether. Instead, it might be more lucrative to look at a fresh set of keywords that aren’t as competitive as the previous ones but still relevant to what you’re offering. You could also look at targeting long-tail keywords that help improve the click-through rate (CTR) of your ads. CTR tells you if enough people who have been exposed to the ad are clicking on the CTA. 

4. Optimize match types
To make your campaign cost-effective, you wouldn’t want to only have a broad match as your match type. This could result in a lot of wasted clicks as your ads would also be shown to people who have no interest in your product or service. Instead, you need to look at leveraging the other match types as well, so you reach your desired target audience without spending unnecessarily. 

5. Refine the ad copy to make the ad clickable
Now, the quality score is calculated based on three metrics – click-through rate (CTR), ad relevance and landing page experience. A better ad copy can drastically improve the CTR that in turn amps up the quality score of the ad. 

6. Customize your target audience
You can tweak the geolocation settings of your campaign on Google Adwords to let you display ads to certain regions or within a specific radius of your business. That’s not all, you can also tailor your campaigns to your target audience by looking at their interests, their search, apps they use, so you understand the intent and affinity of your users. 

7. Focus on remarketing
Remarketing is an integral part of the conversion funnel. Moreover, it not only allows you to increase conversions on your landing page but also helps you stay engaged with your target audience and improve brand awareness. 

These PPC tips would come in really handy to amp up your performance game. Would love to know more about how you can fine-tune your marketing strategy to grow your business? You can reach out to us as we’re one of the top PPC agencies in India