Unofficial ‘Constitution of Advertising’ By Chimp&z Inc

Constitution of Advertising

Understanding the inner workings of an ad agency, we identified the need to have a wider outlet to exercise our expression of thoughts. This mutual feeling gave birth to a constitution for the ad professionals. This 26th January 2020 on the occasion of India’s 71st Republic Day, we at Chimp&z Inc, consolidated a constitution that speaks for the free minds in advertising.

With the sole purpose of encouraging a free flow of thoughts and actions in the advertising world, ‘Constitution of Advertising’ emerged with the collective efforts of all creative minds at Chimp&z Inc. From designers and writers to strategists and business managers, we united them all to affiliate this piece.

Each article under the ‘Rights’ section has been meticulously penned down to bring out creative expression and evocatively unite the free-thinkers of the nation. The constitution highlights the everyday hurdles faced by the industry, right from managing relationships with the clients to addressing the hindrances of every creative process.

Constitution Of Advertising

Right to Creative LibertyRight to Evolve

Right To Ideate

Right to Time

This constitution of advertising of, by and for the young minds of advertising, aims to build a positive impact on the global ad communities as a whole. With this, Chimp&z Inc aims to bring out harmony among the advertising fraternity, promoting the message of standing together through thick and thin. Consequently, helping impactful ideas come to life, and making the advertising world a better place to work in.