What Agencies Need Their Clients to Start Doing

What Agencies Need Their Clients to Start Doing
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All over the world, agencies partner with brands to bring forth solutions that speak to a human truth and create a real-world difference to the brand, those who use it and by extension, the agency itself.

The internet is flooded with tips and tricks about how agencies can better market products, services or offers for their brand partners. But, the internet and the advertising industry in general is quite silent about the things clients can do to help their agencies do better.

Here are some things clients need to start doing to help their advertising agencies achieve even greater heights and have a healthy, fruitful partnership.

1. Back The Experts

Most clients often forget that the reason they hire an agency is simple, they are the experts. An agency knows what works, what does not, where the communication is key and where it can be bettered. Too often a great idea will never see light of day because clients have a predisposition to only focus on certain things.

Agencies need their clients to back them, so they can perform to the best of their abilities and truly show off the madness within.

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2. Show Faith

Yes, some ideas sound crazy on paper and even crazier if you actually go ahead and execute them. However, some of the greatest success is tasted by the courageous. A truly great client lets their agency be ballsy and shows faith that the experts (as mentioned above) know exactly what they are doing.

This instils within the agency a level of happiness, which leads to a positive working environment for all those involved.

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3. Respect Our Time

As a full-service agency, we understand the rigours of having received a disapproval or negative feedback from your seniors. We also understand that sometimes, exceptions must be made to rush work through. However, making this a habit can severely and negatively impact the final output. There is no single writer, business manager or creative designer on this planet who likes rushing things and just seeing them go live.

Another point to note for clients is that off days are just that. Aligning work goes a long way in respecting time boundaries and helps the agency to meet expectations easier.

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4. Shake Off the Shackles

Deadlines, guidelines, yeh line nahin woh line, all of these are shackles to the creativity and the expertise of an agency. We cannot ask our clients to completely drop their rich heritage, but we can and do expect some leniency in terms of what can and cannot be done.

Just because your seniors said it, does not mean the logo needs to be 2x larger than it currently is. Good, constructive criticism is always appreciated

5. Don’t Be Afraid of Details

The nightmare situation for all agency folk is ‘This is disapproved’. Not because we loved the idea, we can always do more and push for better. But, because saying something is disapproved is not feedback, but rejection. If you have a problem with something in the execution, point it out.

We are human at agencies, we tend to make mistakes. But our folly can only become a lesson in not repeating the same if our clients open a dialogue that is constructive. Give us the details, tell us why you dislike that line or why you feel the design language is looking stale!

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6. Have Passionate Team Members

Nothing screams ‘DAMN IT!’ more than a client and an agency that do not vibe. Having individuals with an agenda, or someone who is not passionate about the brand and agency partnership is a big no-no for both clients and agencies.

The level of passion and dedication can vary from client to client and agency to agency but finding the right balance is critical for the growth of the brand as well as the agencies involved.

Passionate Team Members
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7. Kindness – Next to Godliness

There is nothing wrong with fuming at your agency for not delivering on time or for failing to meet deadlines. However, to go on a rant, raise your voice, hurl abuse or simply to demean someone is to overstep the boundaries of a professional relationship. Clients and agencies both need to be extremely aware when they speak to each other when the situation is bad.

One word or a simple passing comment could be misconstrued and lead to bad blood, the last thing someone wants is a stinker to start the day in the inbox.

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In conclusion, agencies are there for clients through thick and thin. We all wish to work towards the common goal of a better share of voice for the brand, success for the project we are working on and to pat ourselves on the back for a job well done.

Having respect, understanding your agency better and simply treating them as humans with a heart will make a massive difference to every client out there.