What Does 2023’s Marketing Fortune Look Like

The ad-tech industry is bustling with new trends & innovations. Now, even though global advertising may be lagging, India’s advertising revenue is estimated to grow at a steady rate. This means that brands in India need to be in a position to appease the right audience. That, however, may require a deeper understanding of past successes, and an insight into the future of the industry to predict what trends and strategies will work. Luckily for you, we have thoroughly studied and questioned these concepts like we always do, so you can continue to craft marketing triumphs for years to come.

• Web 3– In the new age of the internet, data will become sacred. Many web browsers have already started to move away from the third-party cookie ecosystem to increase web privacy and security. This shift will dramatically change how advertisers function as it becomes significantly harder to target audiences, track campaigns, and measure results. However, we marketers will always manage to find ways around it. For instance,  you can always rely on foolproof SEM agencies that can help reach the target audience looking for your services and generate new customers & thus increasing revenue. The new Web 3 practices will force advertisers to understand better & form deeper connections with their audiences.

• Connected TV Marketing/OTT– With the boom of streaming platforms in India, providing such a variety of content, there is something for everyone. Connected TV is a perfect blend of the mass reach of traditional TV with the measurability factor that comes with streaming services. As more people subscribe to these services, smart brands will realize its potential and start advertising there, directly or indirectly, to reach their target people.

• Content Marketing– While the world becomes more tech-driven as time goes by, the audience is likely to crave real authentic communication, especially from the brands they love. Delivering high-quality, relatable content, especially in the short-form video domain, can be a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition. This will ensure that your brand showcases its more human side & makes you more accessible and easy to empathize with, especially in trying times.

• Micro-Influencer Marketing– Just as India accustoms itself to the influencer economy, brands with their big paychecks will go after big influencers with bigger followings. However, this isn’t guaranteed to help you achieve your targets. Consumers have never really enjoyed being marketed at, and as these bigger influencers start getting into more paid collaborations, they risk losing their authenticity amongst their following. The micro and nano influencers though, have a small but tightly knit community supporting them, and partnering with them will make your brand feel genuine & trustworthy.

Apart from these, there is always so much happening in the world of marketing, that it can take a lot of work to keep up. While there can never be a one size fits all solution for all your marketing problems, understanding what worked in the past and why, and even a blurry idea of what the future may look like can go a long way. Outsourcing to a digital marketing agency providing PPC services in Mumbai or one that expertizes in programmatic advertising, among other contemporary services will not go amiss. It can end up saving you time and money, so you can focus your efforts on taking your brand to the next level.