Ad of the Week: Whopper Island-Burger King Brazil’s Playful Triumph in Fast Food Rivalry

Welcome to another edition of Ad of the Week, where we uncover the most daring and creative advertising campaigns that are making waves in the industry. This week’s spotlight is on Burger King Brazil’s audacious ‘Whopper Island’ campaign, a strategic move by DM9 Brazil that transformed a remote volcanic island into a playful battleground for burger supremacy. Join us as we dissect the brilliance behind this innovative marketing approach and witness how Burger King Brazil continues to redefine the rules of the fast-food game.


Burger King Brazil kicked off the campaign by inviting consumers to actively participate in renaming McDonald Island on Google Maps. This cheeky move wasn’t just about a name change; it was a symbolic power-play in the ongoing friendly feud with McDonald’s. Dive into the uncensored creativity as consumers flooded Google Maps with comments and support for the island’s new moniker, utilizing the hashtag #IlhaWhopper.

The Setting: #IlhaWhopper Dominating the Digital Landscape

Empowering consumers further, the campaign encouraged the use of #IlhaWhopper on Google Maps, turning a remote location into a digital spectacle. Explore how this hashtag took over the online space, with participants actively engaging in the playful rivalry, contributing to the success of the campaign. The setting became an interactive platform where Burger King fans played a pivotal role in the renaming mission.

Visual Appeal: A Mockumentary Adventure in Whopper Island’s Ecosystem

Complementing the guerrilla tactics on Google Maps, Burger King Brazil released a mockumentary-style video that humorously portrayed Whopper Island’s ‘unique’ ecosystem. Join the adventure as the video argues why a place with real fire deserves the name Whopper Island. The visual appeal of this creative content played a crucial role in enhancing the storytelling and leaving a lasting imprint, ensuring the campaign is not easily forgotten.

Reactions and Buzz: Igniting Flames – Whopper vs. Big Mac

The brilliance of the Whopper Island campaign lies in its ability to turn a marketing strategy into an entertaining spectacle. By leveraging the island’s remote existence and its proximity to Antarctica, Burger King Brazil stirred up a lighthearted rivalry that resonated with consumers and the media alike. Experience the playful banter between two fast-food giants that added a touch of humor to the daily lives of consumers. The reactions and buzz generated by this campaign became a focal point on social media, sparking diverse opinions and discussions both locally and internationally.


Burger King Brazil’s Whopper Island campaign is a testament to the brand’s bold and innovative marketing approach. By turning an obscure location into a battleground for burgers, Burger King successfully engaged consumers, created a buzz, and added a playful spark to the ongoing rivalry with McDonald’s. As the flames of competition continue to burn, Burger King Brazil proves once again that it knows how to turn up the heat in the fast-food marketing arena. #WhopperIslandTriumph #AdOfTheWeek