Why choose SEO over SEM: Insights you must know

SEO and SEM are two very important tools when it comes to online/digital marketing. They have the potential to improve your web search activities. Businesses, agencies and brands lean on effective SEO and SEM strategies to grow their presence online and gain maximum viewer attention.

Why is it important? Web search is one of the most powerful tools of digital marketing. A study by lyfe marketing shows that people are always actively looking for business, agencies and brands online. Here’s a graph that analyzes the average number of times someone searches for a business online:

Source: https://www.lyfemarketing.com/blog/seo-vs-sem/

Digital technology is growing fast with time, and it creates great opportunities for businesses to leverage its reach to their right audiences. But without understanding the pros and cons of it, the dilemma of choosing the right strategy is the biggest barrier for businesses and brands who are just beginning their digital journey. So, let’s break down the most commonly used terminology of the digital world.

SEO- Search Engine Optimization is provided by several SEO agencies in Mumbai and their goal is to increase the quality and quantity of traffic of a business/ brand that directs users to your website through organic search engine results.

SEM- Search Engine Marketing is a form of internet/ online marketing where brands use paid advertising strategies such as PPC (Pay per click) that is provided by several SEM agencies in Mumbai, to increase their user search visibility online.

Source: https://searchmediaagency.wordpress.com/2014/05/05/seo-v-sem/

Now that we’ve been introduced to the terms, let’s delve into the insights of SEO and SEM for a better understanding. This will help you choose the right marketing strategy in the contemporary market.
Many experts argue that SEO is the best way to go, as it offers higher quality and will eventually lead to better sales at a cheaper cost when compared to SEM. So, here are some more insights for why one should opt for SEO:

1) Brand awareness
With an effective SEO strategy, your brand gets a chance to be recognized by viewers even amongst fierce competition.

2) Strong branding
Effective brand awareness creates a great opportunity to connect with your target audience, while out-of-the-box content keeps them hooked on your page and positively affects your brand.

3) Reliability & Credibility
Search engines like Google, work hard to present the viewers with the best websites/ content at the top of their search pages. With an effective SEO, your content always manages to rank higher and this improves your business’s credibility.

4) More Traffic
With a sound SEO, you can drive a lot of traffic to your website from your targeted to your potential audience, because as soon as the keywords are typed in, the organic search produces your name at the top which attracts the most viewer attention.

Source: https://envisiondr.com/seo/#.XLDDtOhJGUk

5) Cost
Unlike SEM, which works on the lines of paid advertising, provided by several SEO and PPC agencies in Mumbai, SEO doesn’t make one worry about having a small budget. It offers better services at low prices than the cost running for SEM.

Choosing the right marketing strategy for your business gives you better results and provides long term prospects. So, by focusing on creating an effective SEO strategy with the right team, you can be assured that you are taking a better approach than your competitors. But choosing what’s right for your business can be overwhelming sometimes. The good news is, our industry does not fall short when it comes to developing effective strategies creatively. Check out the amazing work of digital marketing agencies such as Chimp&z Inc and make sure to look at their portfolio and the extraordinary minds behind their work. This will help you make an informed decision, work on result-oriented strategies, and build a favorable and effective Search Engine Optimization for your business.