Why do brands trust Chimp&z Inc for their launch?

Choosing the right agency for your brand launch is critical for crafting a strong brand identity that stands out in today’s competitive market. The choice you make plays a pivotal role in shaping a memorable and successful brand launch. In the fast-paced landscape of brand launches, Chimp&z Inc. has become a trusted choice for companies seeking an impactful entry into the market. Beyond its roots, Chimp&z Inc. boasts a diverse portfolio, showcasing successful launches across various industries. So, what makes this agency the preferred choice for brands aiming for a memorable debut? 

The agency’s ability to deliver efficient Return On Advertising Spends (ROAS) is a key strength. This proficiency is born from a deep understanding of the target audience, coupled with insights from the agency’s performance team. Whether it’s crafting compelling copy, designing impactful visuals, or developing strategic campaigns, Chimp&z Inc. excels in building narratives that resonate with the intended audience.

Let’s check out some of the brands that we helped launch in the past : 

1. Cossouq : 

We successfully launched Cossouq, a curated marketplace for skin, personal care, and cosmetics, with the “Samjha Kar” campaign. Our digital PR efforts gained global recognition, securing 1.9M monthly page views, features in Financial Express and Economic Times, and a total monthly page view of 140M, reinforcing Cossouq’s impactful industry presence.

2. Acadzo : 

Our PR team played an important role in the successful launch of Acadzo, a STEM and ISO-accredited mental math educational platform. Leveraging narrative skills and strategic communication, we highlighted Acadzo’s unique offerings, establishing it as a reputable destination for mental health education with widespread media coverage and recognition in the education sector.

3. Yango Tech 

We took a central role in shepherding Yango Tech, a global tech firm with expertise in proprietary retail technologies, into the Indian market. Through strategic PR initiatives, we ensured a smooth and impactful launch, marking yet another successful introduction of an international brand to India.

4. BharatBox : 

Our team at Chimp&z Inc led the nationwide PR launch of BharatBox, a cultural hub with key partners from India’s entertainment, art, and sports sectors, including Bollywood. Our efforts highlighted the joint venture with The Sandbox and Brinc, gaining extensive coverage for their commitment to building virtual experiences in the open metaverse.

5. Mayaā Vedā Herbal

We successfully launched Mayaā Vedā Herbal, our debut brand in the D2C market, led by our founders Angad Singh Manchanda and Lavinn Rajpal. Leveraging over 10 years of advertising expertise, we contributed to the successful introduction of this essential skincare and haircare brand.

6. Sqineca : 

We proudly assisted in the launch of Sqineca, an Ayurvedic intimate wellness Indian startup brand initiated by our founders. Our support contributed to a successful introduction, highlighting Sqineca’s commitment to crafting natural products promoting sexual wellness and overall well-being.

7. Tata Play Binge : 

Our team advocated for and established a separate digital identity for Tata Play Binge (formerly Tata Sky Binge), ensuring independence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Our ongoing role encompasses content marketing, ORM, influencer outreach, and media planning, consolidating Tata Play Binge’s digital and social media presence.

8. Blue Tribe : 

We orchestrated the brand launch for Blue Tribe Foods, India’s first plant-based meat company in 2021, showcasing its founders’ commitment to sustainability and garnering widespread media coverage. As the sole launchpad for Blue Tribe on the digital front, we conceptualized a 360° digital marketing strategy for the brand, ranging from social media, creatives, performance, ORM, SEO, public relations, and web development along with an eCommerce platform creation.

9. Acetute Learning: 

We collaborated with Theseus Global (Education) Ltd for the successful launch of AceTute Learning, a unique online tutorial platform. Our joint efforts aimed to connect British educators with students and parents in India, paving the way for enhanced access to quality education for aspiring learners.

10. SERY Cosmetics: 

At Chimp&z Inc, we spearheaded the successful launch of SÉRY Cosmetics in India, a notable addition to VEGA’s portfolio. Our assistance extended to the media, ensuring widespread coverage and visibility for SÉRY across various channels, marking a successful entry into the Indian market.