Why Instagram is Best For Influencer Marketing

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Advertising has crept into every aspect of our lives. The amount of advertorial content we are exposed to in recent times is insane. It has become important for brands and digital marketing agencies to push creativity to the extreme in order to outdo their competitors, find a niche and convince the masses to opt for their product over others.

People do not like to be preached or told about what they are supposed to do. Thus, the approach of advertising must be appealing and subtle. This is how Influencer marketing on Instagram has gained momentum. Instagram has become a stage for brands to model their product in a more practical manner and influencer marketing gives the brand scope for reaching out to their target customers without coming through as too sales-oriented.

What is Influencer Marketing?
Influencers are people who manage to create a large follower base and high engagement on Instagram with the content they create. There is no limit to the type of content that can be used to build an empire on this platform. These influencers have the power to convince their followers that a brand is worth buying due to the fact that their followers idolize them and put their trust in them. This trustworthy quality can be exploited by brands to convey their message without being extremely persuasive.

Why choose Instagram for Influencer Marketing?
Instagram has an average of one billion monthly active users, out of which, the majority are GenX millennials. The application provides the perfect opportunity for a brand ambassadorship, with the influential few recommending products and services to the masses. Instagram has unlocked a new avenue for users to make a living from paid partnership and collaborative marketing campaigns.

Instagram allows the influencers to post content in numerous formats, allowing them to experiment and give a personal touch. Since Instagram uses visual content, influencers can position your brand in a visually striking way and caption it with reviews, tell a story or offer discounts to their credit. The application has adapted to this new trend and enabled a feature on Instagram Story – the ‘Swipe Up’ feature. This allows you to add a direct link to the product’s landing page by just swiping up on a story slide.
Social media analysts suggest that raw content gets more engagement than carefully knitted posts. Instagram influencer marketing enables you can promote your latest products and services, lure potential customers, and communicate with your existing ones in a subtle tone.

For instance, Chimp&z Inc collaborated with influencers like Twinkle Khanna for promoting brands;

How to choose an influencer to promote your brand?
The influencer you choose needs to share a common thread with your brand. Followers admire one or multiple interests, talents, and skills of an influencer. Thus, using that aspect as a peg, you can aim at your target customers as well. Check the influencer’s credibility and reach in the field before approaching them for collaboration.

Influencer marketing is the latest trick in the marketing circus. Keeping up with the latest market trends is the key to successful social media marketing.