Here’s Why An Advertising Agency Is Important For Business Development

During the COVID period, the progress of all the businesses across the world came to a halt. But a global pandemic did not stop the progress of certain companies like Amazon, Netflix, Apple, and Zoom. In fact, they prospered beyond many peoples’ imaginations. One of the biggest reasons for their success was Advertising and Marketing. With things slowly getting back to normal, businesses find themselves a need to work extra hard to recover the losses incurred during the last year.

Advertising is a paid form of communication that helps create a demand for your product among people. Effective advertising lets you introduce and sell your products to the world. There are many benefits of advertising but one of the biggest ones is that it increases the sales of your business which directly leads to the growth and development of the company at an increased rate. An Advertising agency creates an advertisement by a combined effort of Creative Heads, Designers, Brand Managers, Copywriters, Digital Marketers, Video Editors, and more.

Here’s some work by us:

What is the significance of advertising for business development?

  • Provide Marketing Expertise

An ad agency employs experts who specialize in various forms of marketing and advertising techniques. They study the brand and its target audience to get the full picture. They are adept at handling various types of ad campaigns and clients. They’re well versed with the current marketing trends which provide businesses with better social media campaigns and print campaigns.

A Social Media campaign that was done by us for Tata Sky:

  • Provide a Unique Perspective                                                                                  

The creative minds that work in an agency provide a fresh outlook and different solutions for growth in your business. A new, objective perspective gives the company an idea of what the outside world thinks about the company as a brand. That new perspective also gives the company a chance to try out different options that could lead to the growth of the business. We, a creative ad agency in India helped Discovery try something new and created a unique music video that led to the brand doing more songs and anthems.

  • Generate Leads   

There are always new customers who aren’t aware of your product. Advertising helps you rope in those new customers by placing your brand and your product in the market. For B2B businesses, advertising can help your sales force get more leads to generate more clients.

  • Brand Development

Developing a brand out of your business is a complex and long task. Advertising agencies can help in this by developing brand logos and creating a unified brand identity. For pre-existing brands, agencies help with increasing the brand’s awareness among the people. For smaller businesses, ad agencies also help develop brand awareness among the general public. They help brands find their unique voice that is communicated through ads.

We helped introduce SERY’s Brand persona and identity by launching a brand video

  • Boost Brand Image

Brand image can be the difference between a person opting for your product or your competitor’s product. Creating a favorable impression can transform the public opinion of a brand which is helpful for the overall development of the business.

We redesigned the Animal Planet Logo

  • Creative Art

Creating the actual advertisement and campaigns requires an artistic streak which all agencies have in the form of their Creative Directors, Art Directors, Graphic Designers, and Copywriters. They help with the actual creation of the ad. They help decide the concept of the ad campaign. They work together to craft a message that meets agency and client objectives.

Here’s an example of a creative that we made for Discovery India

Here’s another example of creative artwork that was done for Tata Sky.

  • Improve Product Value

Due to advertising, more customers start purchasing your product and they start realizing the quality of the product. That leads to an increase in demand for the product and an increase in sales. This gives the company a chance to hike up the price of the product without losing any customers because they are already hooked.

  • Increase Website Traffic

Websites act as a great way to portray a company’s work history, the services they provide, their clients, etc. With Digital Marketing and SEO becoming more important with each passing day, increasing website traffic has become crucial. An appealing website landing page can turn a regular person into a customer.

We also helped create the website for the online learning platform AceTute.

Advertising is crucial, especially in current times due to high competition. An ad agency can help you stand out from the clutter. Ad agencies that provide such services are scattered all across India in cities like Mumbai, Gurgaon, Bangalore, and many more locations and they could help you with the growth and development of your business.