Work-From-Home Tips For SMEs

The pandemic has taken the world by storm and pushed us into a new era. We weren’t prepared.  The world is changing, from the way we move about, communicate and most importantly WORK!  The state of the economy has raised a lot of concerns and questions in everybody’s mind, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) like logistic businesses, SEM agencies, Micro businesses, Digital Marketing agencies, E-commerce enterprises, SEO agencies, etc

That being said, work from home has proved to be the need of the hour. Although, it might be unconventional and probably new territory for some. Which is why we’ve put together a few tips for SMEs to find their working groove.

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1. Stay Connected

Don’t let distance get in the way of creating great work. It’s important to get your operations organised and your priorities established.  On the plus side, technology has advanced so much with tons of applications and servers, you can connect with anyone at just a click of a button.

Video conferencing apps, chat rooms and con-calls help the communication between employees flow with ease, giving you a broad sense of being at work.

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2. Ensure everyone’s on the same page
The key to a smooth-running business is the synchronization of the employees. They must know what their role is and how to work efficiently towards it.

Beginning the day with a team call is something most agencies like Digital Marketing agencies do. This makes sure everyone is aware of their tasks and helps the smooth running of the business.

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3. Be Proactive

Nowadays, most brands are taking to social media to create awareness and build engagement. The trends and formats are constantly changing that pushes agencies to be proactive and bring out their A-game. Tapping into the right trends at the right time will help you climb up that social ladder.

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4. Change your way of communication

If anything, this phase has given us a chance to try new things. Experimenting with new forms of media and communication is what will set you apart from the rest. The best digital agencies are switching the game with new styles, killer concepts and hard-hitting messaging. This not only creates an impact on the audience but proves how relevant you are with the times.

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5. Utilize technology to the fullest

We are privileged to be living in a technologically advanced era and use it to our advantage. It is important for SMEs to use the right technology that increases productivity. Identify the pressure points for you and your employees and strive to use technology to seamlessly ease it out.

The use of the correct internet marketing is where you can help your business and brands bridge the communication gap.

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6. Keep your business growing
Positivity goes a long way and helps to build up your business. Ensure the services you provide are at par, use your social media to the fullest and stay on the lookout for new business opportunities.
Make sure your internal operations are professionally set up before you venture into new horizons.

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7. Boost your employees morale
As a growing business it’s important to ensure your employees are content. Organize virtual events and celebrate happy occasions. Here are a few things you can try

  • Jam Sessions: Give your employees a stage to showcase their talents, while everyone participates and cheers them on.
  • Viewing Parties: Pick a fun movie and invite your employees to a chill time!
  • Game Nights: Organize fun games for your employees after work hours, so everyone can unwind and have fun.

Having activities like these helps create a healthy bond between the company and it’s employees.

Working from home doesn’t have to be as daunting as you thought it would be. It’s a step to accepting change, adapting to the situation and overcoming it effectively.


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