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We are Chimp&z Inc, and we are looking for experts to join our clan of Digital Disruptors.

From Artists to Visualisers, from Storytellers to Social Media Mavericks, from Campaign Managers to Business Leaders, from Tech Gurus to Number churners.

We are a diverse mix of individuals who are making brands ready for the digital era of communications.

‘Think like an MNC, work like a startup’, is an ideology we follow and we’re looking for people to join our bandwagon. We’ve created a platform that experienced & fresh talents can flourish in and we are looking to grow the team. Professionals from different walks of life who are hungry, experienced, creative and goal-oriented are welcome.

So, if you think, your skills can add value to the organisation’s goals and are ready for a challenge, then we are eager to meet you and see how we can work together.

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