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Binge Day Campaign 2022

Tata Play Binge



Tata Play Binge


Social media campaign

Client Brief

The goal is to capture conversations that happen between people about their favourite shows and movies and to keep the conversations organic by increasing the social media engagement.



To showcase Tata Play Binge app as a one-stop platform to binge content from 14+ apps ona single platform. The amplification is done through Instagram Reels to drive organic engagement.



Binge Day with Tata Ply Binge was celebrated to take everyone into the depth of the Binge Multiverse by depicting the rush of emotions the audience goes through while watching or even talking about their favorite shows and movies.

1. The first in-house video made in a Reel format showcases conversations that do the rounds after the new of latest movies, shows and originals. It captures the essence of how every day is a binge day for binge-watchers.

2. In a trailer-like video, the brand takes you into the depth of the Binge Multiverse! It is a montage of iconic OTT characters and movies stitched together with the pinch-and-zoom effect.


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Total views: 4 Lakhs+ (4,02,771)
Total Likes: 84 Thousand+ (84,119)


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