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SEO Case Study 2022
GRD Protein



GRD Protein


SEO Case Study 2022

Client Brief

To increase website traffic and improve search engine results of the brand.



Nowadays people become very health conscious and they already have a lot of websites for all health-related products. Analyzing this competition, the idea was to establish GRD in a way that it gets listed in the Top 10 in SERP, by maintaining the traffic and keyword positioning. Also, optimizing product descriptions and keyword research processes helped us to understand the intent behind each keyword.


1. Proper On-Page Strategy for a website structure
2. Off-Page strategy for keywords targeting to rank on top on first page
3. Make a content strategy for detailed information for the products



By implementing strategies & techniques, we have managed to gain good traffic on the website and are standing in a higher position of the search engine results. The keyword “GRD Bix protein diskettes” is already ranking in the top 5 positions.


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