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Performance Marketing for COVID & Amphan Donation Drive






Performance Marketing for COVID & Amphan Donation Drive

Client Brief

A) Generate a donation to help children and families & health care workers to get access to essential sanitation PPE Kits, hygiene products & stop the spread of Coronavirus in India.

B) Generate a donation to Help children and families affected by Cyclone Amphan.

(Key Performance Metrix – ROAS)



Needed to find the new digital channels to scale up the number of the donation with Positive ROI by educating the audience about UNICEF India effort towards COVID19 & Cyclone Amphan.



The selected combination of social media platforms ( Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, Quora, etc.),direct-tie-ups with website & Apps, Display ads, native advertisement to devise an integral approach that allowed us to generate one time and Pledge donor along with that created an awareness about the work UNICEF India performing to Stop the Spread of coronavirus in India. Later used DMP and retargeting platforms to increase the audience pool and donor number for upcoming months.


Total number of donations raised is 7000 + with an ROAS of 2 X in COVID campaign & 2.7 X in Amphan. Along with that website traffic increased by 10 X and touched 20+ Million reach

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