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Web App Game - Immunity Cart

GRD Protein



GRD Protein


Web App Game


Client Brief

To build a clean and contemporary game that focuses on the unique value proposition of GRD Protein, a product of Zydus Health Care Limited.



The idea was to give Zydus Health Care Limited an educative yet engaging game by giving the users an exceptional experience with a sophisticated interface, intuitive navigation, and scalable solution to all the devices and platforms.



Understanding the products, client goals, and end user’s behaviour, we created an HTML5 based game that communicated about numerous products and their benefits and was executable on the Web Browsers for both mobiles as well as desktop.


The game was developed as a stand-alone web app, hosted on


We built interactions on the responsive front-end through HTML5 + Canvas / CSS3 / JavaScript and also integrated the design elements with the client's website.


Other Technical Mentions:

Technology Stack and Infrastructure -

The following was the technology stack that we used to develop the game:

1. PHP- For Lead Registration

2. MySQL- For Storing Values in DataBase

3. HTML5 - For Creating User Interface

4. CSS3 - For Handling Device Responsiveness

5. Canvas- For Making the Web App/ Game Mobile Responsive

6. JavaScript- For Validations and Effects


Team Composition:

Our team behind this successful project comprised of:

1. Project Manager: Responsible for planning, coordination, and delivery

2. UX + Visual Designers: Designed all the screens, components, assets for the site

3. HTML Developers: Prepared the multi-browser compatible front-end screens for multiple resolutions

4. Developers: Integrated various components of the game

5. QA Testers: Tested the front-end and the content management system for the site

6. Other supporting staff for smooth flow of the project



We created a successful game that:

1. Encouraged user engagement through its catchy looks, design, and fairly challenging level of gameplay.

2. Got positive feedback from the users everywhere.

3. Due to its interactive interface, caused users to share it ahead with their friends and family as well as on social media thereby helping increase brand visibility.

4. Increased visits to the brand’s official website.  

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