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Media Campaign of

Astral Pipes



Astral Pipes


Media Campaign

Client Brief

Promote the TVC with Ranveer Singh (40 Second Film) to garner maximum views and create a strong buzz using innovative media communication



Using innovative ad formats and relevant platforms we dispersed our video on various video viewing platforms to reach a large audience Pan India and increase the virality of our TVC. Through these innovative ads we wanted to reach a niche audience and establish our first ever Sindhi TVC with Ranveer Singh.


We supported our social promotions using various promotion platforms and formats like Digital Live TV Ads, interactive Rich Media, Public app, Inshorts, OTT platform & video creative on OTT run on all those platforms where a longer duration video edit was acceptable. The Context AI ensures that the ads are served where the user has the maximum affinity of viewing & interacting with the ads.




Promoted TVC links:

TVC 1:

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A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh)


TVC 2:


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A post shared by Astral Pipes (@astral_pipes)




  Overall impression - 84M + 

  Video Completion Rate (in %) - 89%

  Viewability - 95%


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