Predictions About The Active Media Trends For 2021

To stay trending and have a strong social media presence is a dream of all companies, be it a startup or a well-established organisation. It needs creative minds as well as knowledge of the industry’s emerging business dynamics.

Here are a few media trend predictions

1. Vernacular content taking a supreme place for Indian Users

The increased penetration of the internet and smartphones, also in rural areas, has increased the consumption of technology in vernacular languages. Furthermore, Google reports that nine out of every ten new internet users in the world are currently accessing web content in Indian languages. Vernacular content is a smart decision for any brand in order to attract and engage with its target audience. In India, the market demand for vernacular content is estimated to be $53 billion and is expected to increase even more in 2021. A few media planning and media buying agencies in Mumbai have begun to work on vernacular content and are attempting to extend businesses into rural areas as well.

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2. Meme Marketing

Brands are constantly on the lookout for emerging trends and innovations that permeates social media. Meme culture is one such growing trend that will see even more escalation in coming years.  Everyone is trying to adapt to this new concept and curate content that can entertain its audience and at the same time promote its brand. Meme marketing is a part of viral marketing strategy that requires a great deal of thinking and innovation, but it is the best way to connect with the new generation target audience.

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3. Moment Marketing

Moment marketing enables companies and companies to contemplate and curate content about ongoing events in order to build meaningful interactions with their target market as the events are happening. Companies do this to place them in current discussions that are relevant to how they advertise. The pandemic has increased the need for Moment marketing as every day there is something new that needs to be addressed but in an empathetic manner. It goes a long way in standing up for causes, being conversant about social issues and showing support to those in need. Digital marketers are always looking for new and creative ways to communicate with their clients. They are transitioning to moment marketing to stay updated and engage with their audience in a better way.

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4. Social Commerce emerging actively in 2021

Social commerce is the most cost-effective way to launch an online company. It provides a brand with many opportunities to build smooth e-commerce experiences and is expected to expand more in 2021 as shoppers maintain their digital habits. There are many digital marketing services in Mumbai and Gurgaon that support new Social Commerce businesses to create a strong base in the market. Social media sites like Instagram and Facebook were the first to reinforce the voices of such retailers. WhatsApp has recently emerged as a new forum for companies to advertise and distribute their products. Social commerce works well with visually pleasing items such as accessories, clothing, cosmetics, food services, home décor, and many more. Both e-commerce companies and traditional retailers are bound to quickly adapt to the post-COVID-19 environment.

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5. Video Content will continue to be the main driver for social media engagement

Video content commonly performs best with maximum social algorithms. It catches a viewer’s consideration for unique video content. Online platforms have evolved from being just a place to connect with friends to now, a comprehensive platform for connection as well as education, entertainment, social e-commerce, and all that assists an individual or a company in amplifying its voice. Despite the fact that there are multiple advertising and engagement formats, video content always grabs the attention first. The length of a video is an important step in video content development because an excessively long or short video won’t create the impact which is expected by the marketers.

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