Corporate Filmmaking And it’s Benefits for Company’s Growth

Chimp&z Inc – one of the leading content writing services in Mumbai and a highly preferred content marketing agency in Gurgaon – has substantially scaled up its corporate filmmaking capacity over the last few years. The reason is simple – corporate short film making is effective for significant improvement of a company and is thus being increasingly preferred as a key deliverable by the clients.

More often than not, companies that have made video content with the help of our experienced team at Chimp&z Inc, have seen significant success in engaging with their audiences and growing themselves as a brand.

Let’s have a look at some of the key benefits that a company can get by using corporate film making as a medium:

1. Video Gets More Traffic

As per studies, the internet audience clearly loves watching videos as around 85% of traffic in 2021 has come from videos.

Hence, with a video on your website, your chances of getting more traffic can increase by around 75%

2. Video Engages Better

In today’s scenario where a consumer has a lowered attention span and a disinclination towards reading a lot of text, a video can drastically increase your user interaction time on the website and decrease the Bounce-rate

3. Video Creates More Brand Awareness

Besides being the more catchy medium, a video also creates a higher brand recall value. This is chiefly due to the fact that a video is much more engaging than a simple piece of text or a plain image.

Users watch videos majorly for entertainment, while the videos educate them and increase brand awareness in return.

4. Video Gets Better SEO Rankings

By crafting a smarter video strategy that seamlessly includes descriptions and tags catering to online searches – you can get high rankings in search engines.

Another fact to remember is that after acquiring YouTube more than a decade ago, Google has been giving greater importance to quality videos. This is what has made YouTube the 2nd largest search engine today.

Deploying corporate videos can effectively help you show up in search engines more than the companies that don’t.

5. Videos Can Convert More Clients

As suggested by a case study, having a video on your landing page can make you around 80% more likely to convert traffic to clients.

The explanatory and engaging power of videos can be used to create a highly convincing pitch that your potential customers may need while they are looking to buy your products and services.

Thus, the strategy of having a video produced for your company and putting it up on your site’s landing page can almost double your client conversion rate.

6. Better Accessibility And Shareability

Being easier and quicker to share as compared to text-based documents, videos have increasingly been forming a major part of the total number of social media shares every year.

Through engaging images, sounds, and words, the video as a medium can explain your company’s objective, products, or services better. In a survey, almost 98% of people admitted to having watched an explainer video.

7. It Caters To Mobile Users

Being much easier a medium to consume content, video is increasingly being watched on mobile devices with every passing year.

With around 75% of internet activity occurring on mobile devices, short videos with educational or entertainment elements can deliver optimum results.

8. Facilitates A Strong Call To Action

A substantial number of online users tend to avoid sales pitches and do their own research. Consequently, the companies can face difficulty in conveying their entire message to the users and effectively leading them to CTA (Call To Action) in the end.

But through its palatable and absorbable nature, the medium of video can really be of great help. Experiencing the powerful emotion and clear messaging in a video, a significant number of users can follow through on a call to action.

9. Offers One Of The Highest ROI Values

Here are some facts and stats:

  • Nearly 67% of businesses use corporate video as a marketing tool internationally.
  • Several other statistical analyses have shown that video content gets the best response from all the different media types.
  • Over half of the owners that use video for their businesses have said that video has the greatest return on investment as compared to any other marketing tactic.
  • 64% of consumers have made a purchase after watching branded social media videos.
  • Social videos have generated up to 12 times more shares than text and images combined.


The inference is clear – A video looks highly professional, increases the reach and credibility of a company, is easily shareable to a target audience, and is highly effective in generating sales or leads. Hence, corporate video production must top the list of things that a company spends its valuable budget on.

After all, why would various businesses be embracing it if it wasn’t generating revenue for them?

Author – Siddharth Mohan Gupta is a Senior Copywriter at Chimp&z Inc with 9+ years of hands-on experience in Copywriting, Content Writing, SEO Writing, UX Writing, PR Writing, Journalistic Writing, Technical Writing. He also has expertise in Creative Strategy, Performance Marketing, Channel Strategy, EDM Marketing, Digital Marketing, A/B Testing, etc. and has served numerous clients such as Bajaj Finserv, Care (Formerly ‘Religare’) Health Insurance, WhiteHat Jr, Portronics, PINC, BlueTribe, GRD Protein, ZEE5, SERY Cosmetics, Dhirsons Jewellers, TISA Designer Wear, Living Foodz, Beboy, Neha Herbals, CIEL (Centre For Investment Education & Learning), Kara Water, GOQii, etc.